Newsletter 21 – 1st March 2013

Dear Parents

Parents’ meetings with teachers Please make sure that you have the slip with your precise appointment times.  Appointments last no longer than 10 minutes. If you feel that you need a longer meeting, please arrange this with your child’s teacher on a different day.

PFA My thanks, once again, to our wonderful PFA who have arranged the book and cake sale today and later in the term will be hosting a Boden sale. Their work to support our school has been hugely valuable. As well as organising our wonderful Pancake races (last week) and other events and parties through the year, they also raise considerable amounts of money for school projects and resources which are very welcome in these straitened times.  

Willow Structure My heartfelt thanks to Lucy Bates and Mrs Reed who spent a very cold morning trimming our willow den and building a new willow tunnel. The children love playing in these structures and they look beautiful on our field. We are very fortunate to have so many generous volunteers in our school and we are grateful to all of them.

Maths/SATS Evening On Monday 18th March at 5.00pm we will be offering parents the chance to come into school and find out how we teach maths. Many of the methods we teach today are different from those we were taught and parents might like to have information on how we approach maths teaching nowadays. The session will last under an hour. Foundation stage/KS1 and KS2 maths sessions will run concurrently. SATS papers will also be available for you to look at if you are interested. Please complete the form at the bottom of this letter if you would like to come to this information evening.

Extreme Reading Thanks to all those who have sent in photos of their children engaged in Extreme Reading! We have some lovely and funny photos which will be put on display for the coming week, which is Book week.

Reading for Pleasure We are working towards ensuring that every child in the school will do some reading for pleasure each week – whether reading a book, a magazine, a comic or newspaper, something online, emails or any other medium. Children who read for pleasure do better academically than those who don’t. Please do encourage your child to read for fun. The child does not have to be accessing difficult reading material – they just have to be enjoying it.

Holiday Club If you wish to take advantage of our holiday club, SuperStars which will run here in school during the first week of the Easter holidays Monday 25th – Thursday 28th March, please sign up on line at . The children who come this to always have a great time and the costs are very reasonable.

Church and Mosque visits Over the next couple of months, we will be taking the children to two different places of worship. On Tuesday 19th March, we will go to Edington Priory for a ‘Pilgrimage  Day’ – a carousel of activities will be offered at different stations in the church, with various themes to explore,  ending with a picnic on Ralph’s seat if the weather permits. And in April, we hope to take the children to a mosque in Hounslow to explore how Muslims worship and to take part in some activities there and then on to Kew Gardens for the afternoon.

School Dinners Due to the ongoing instances reported in the media recently regarding the ‘Horse meat’ situation,  our providers, Lataca, would like you to know that Lataca Ltd pride themselves on freshly prepared meals, and therefore this has absolutely no bearing on your children’s school lunches.  They use fresh meat from a local butcher, Lowerfields Farm Meats, in Coate, and any processed foods that they do use are supplied by 3663.  This is a national reputable supplier, who has supplied Lataca with very in depth data confirming their products are not affected by this recent scare.

Dogs Making a Noise Outside School I have had a complaint from the neighbours to our school about dogs barking when tied up outside school at drop off and pick up times. Many of our neighbours are elderly or disabled and are disturbed by the noise – we should be mindful of their peace of mind.  

Last day of term This term ends on Friday 22nd March and the summer term starts on Monday 8th April.

School website  Please consult the website for latest news, the calendar of dates, photos, information, policies, the statutory documents relating to our Academy and the parent portal log-in.

Oxenwood A letter went home recently to the parents of children in year 3 & 4 asking if their child will be attending Oxenwood in May. There is no need to send payment at the moment, but more importantly, we would appreciate it if you would let us know whether or not your child is going so that we can finalise numbers. A copy of the letter is on the Parent Portal if you have mislaid it.

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

Maths Evening 

I/we ____________________________________________  will be attending the maths evening on Monday 18th March at 5.00pm.

Please tick the box of the session you would prefer.

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