Newsletter 2 – 13th September 2013


Dear Parents

Foundation Governor Vacancies Our governing body has two vacancies for Foundation Governors at present. This role involves supporting strongly the Christian ethos of our school and ensuring that the Christian values that make our school so successful are at the heart of everything we do here, since our school was founded as a Christian school. On our governing body, we are required to have more Foundation Governors overall to ensure that the Christian Foundation is always prominent in every decision we make. If you feel that you would like to apply for one of these vacancies, please ask for an application form at the office (or email us with the request at Please note that you have to be a practising Christian in one of the Family of Churches (main Christian denominations) and that your minister may be approached for confirmation of this. Our Trustees will scrutinise all applications received and will make the appointments based on skills needed on our Governing Body at this time, and on the faith qualifications of the candidates. There is no financial remuneration for this work – all governors are volunteers – but the work is very rewarding, you will find out a lot about the school and become part of a great team that works tirelessly for the good of our children.  Training is provided for the role. Do ask me, or any other governor, for more information if you are interested in this role. Please submit your application by 25th October 2013.

Wake and Shake – Thank you to all our wonderful parents who join in Wake and Shake! We are very grateful for your participation. We ask all our parents who are standing on the playground during the early morning Wake and Shake routines to join in enthusiastically. It is very important for all the children to see that adults join in, enjoy themselves, get exercise and form an integral part of our community. If you cannot join in for some reason, please stand well to the back of the playground so that you are not visible to the children and so that they can see the older children who lead this activity.  Wake and Shake is not a performance, it is a fun way of starting the day with an energetic dance and it is part of our drive to ensure that our children get enough exercise.

Themes Themes for the coming year include “Mediaeval Times” for the first term or two (depending on the teacher), The Antarctic (interpreted in various ways by each teacher), and an art theme based on Seurat’s painting of “The Bathers” for summer (also interpreted in various ways). We have already booked a visit for every child to visit Farleigh Hungerford Castle in October, where they will have a tour by someone dressed in costume and will be encouraged to draw conclusions about mediaeval times by exploring artefacts. If you have anything to offer on any of these themes, do come and tell us.

Art/History project We are planning a big art/history project this term, which will result in a time line running around the hall foyer, showing a chronological representation of history from Neolithic times to the present. We have local artist, Kate Sykes, leading on this project. If you would like to become involved in any way, helping with the planning or supporting the children as they do their part, please contact the school.

Foundation Stage or Year 1 We have been alerted to the fact that some of our parents are not sure how year groups are named in the UK system. The first year that your child is in school, when they are 4 years old, is called the Foundation Stage. The second year they are in school is called, rather confusingly, Year 1. And so on up the school. Our classes are set up as follows: Stonehenge classroom has all the Foundation Stage children and some of the Year 1 children. White Horse class has the rest of the Year 1 and all of the Year 2 children. Sarum has all the Year 3 children and some Year 4, Avebury has the rest of the Year 4 and some Year 5 children. And Silbury has the rest of the Year 5 and all the Year 6 children. In the year groups that are split between two classrooms, the decision about which classroom they should be in is taken on academic achievement at the end of the year.

Security If you are coming into school for any purpose at all, please make sure you come in through reception so that we can make sure we know precisely who is in the school. Please do not just slip in through one of the back doors if they are open at the beginning or end of the day.

Free School Meals If you think that your child may qualify to receive free school meals, please apply online – you will be notified by the LA if you are eligible once your application has been received. The school receives £900 for each child on Free School Meals (FSM) and this money can be used for any purpose or project to enhance learning of all children, especially those who need extra support, not just those on FSM.

Sunflowers The organisers of the great sunflower challenge would like the sunflowers to be brought back to school on Monday 16th September for the measuring. I believe we have some unbelievably tall sunflowers out there!

Lavington Secondary School Open Day for children in Year 7 next year will be on Friday 20th September from   9am – 12pm. You can pop in for a half an hour tour around the school at any point in this. Parents usually take their children to have a look at the school at about 9.00am and bring them back to Holy Trinity at about 10.00am.

Secondary School places Application forms have gone home with our year 6 children to apply for their secondary school place – please note that the deadline is Noon on 31st October 2013.

Primary School places We have application forms in school for children who will be four years old before September 2014. The deadline for these applications is Noon on 15th January 2014.

20 mile per hour speed limit I have been notified that the 20mph speed limit through the village has been successfully piloted and will now be permanent and a legal requirement. Please drive carefully through our village and particularly past the school. Please park safely, and have a keen awareness of children’s safety rather than convenience, especially at drop off and pick up times. It is better to park and walk up from the Bell or from Garston, than to park irresponsibly outside the school and risk a child’s life.

Children’s Harvest Workshop… Come and have fun making different items to celebrate the harvest on Saturday 14th September from 10-12 noon in Erlestoke Church. Items will be put on display ready for the Harvest service on Sunday 22nd September at 6pm (after this service there will be a light supper and an auction of produce). All are welcome but children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

Children’s Movie Night… Come and enjoy food, film and fun with friends, Friday 20th September from 6-8pm in Erlestoke Church. All are welcome but children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. A light supper and pudding will be provided; donations of £1 for food are gratefully accepted.


The PFA AGM will be held on Monday 16th September in school at 7pm (please note the new time), at this meeting members will be elected and roles filled. If you are able to help out on the PFA, then please think about joining and come along to the AGM in September.

Boden Event After the success of our last Boden event, the PFA is hosting the new Autumn range of womenswear, Johnnie b, Mini and Accessories  at the Pavilion, Witchcombe Lane, Great Cheverell on Friday 20th September from 1.30pm – 7pm. Please come along and join us in seeing and trying on some clothes, we will also be offering tea, coffee and cakes for sale. If you could provide a cake for the sale it would be gratefully appreciated.

Clothes Recycling   Are you organising your summer to autumn clothes?!!  Please hold onto any unwanted clothing you may now have finished with or the children outgrown as the PFA will be organising a textiles recycling day.  Devizes Textiles will accept the following:- all clothing including coats, underwear, shoes, wellies, belts, handbags and also sheets, duvet covers, curtains (no pillows or duvets). Items will be sorted and wearable/usable items sent to Third World countries with the rest being recycled. The PFA receive funds per kilo.  The PFA will be posting a date soon to advise of the collection day at school.  Thank you.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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