Newsletter 19 – 31st January 2014

Dear Parents

Infant Free School Meals The Government has announced that, as from September 2014, all Infant children (those in the Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2) will be entitled to Free School Meals. Whilst a lot of the detail on how they are going to fund and organise this remains very obscure, we must start to put things in place to manage this programme efficiently. 

We are therefore asking you informally, and simply to get some idea of the numbers involved, to indicate on the form at the bottom of this letter whether you are likely to be signing up for your Infant child to have free school meals in September. We would also be very grateful if you could let us know whether you might be buying meals for your children in KS2 next year. Tell us about all children who might be having dinners, those who already regularly have them, as well as those who might wish to start having them in the coming year (perhaps because a younger sibling is having the free school dinner or because your circumstances have changed). We need to get an idea of overall total of meals we will be serving in 2014-15. Do not sign up if your child only has the Christmas dinner. Please note that this is in no way a formal signing up for the entitlement – we suspect that the Government will have some official means of doing that later in the year.

Governors We have a tremendous team of governors who volunteer to serve on our governing body. They direct the strategic planning and general, overarching policies of the school, support the headteacher and hold her to account for high standards in all areas of school life – including the Christian ethos, Behaviour, Progress and Attainment, Child Protection, Health and Safety and Financial Management. They have no role in the day to day management of the school, of course – that is the headteacher’s role. Most policies can be found on our website or, if not, can be requested at the school office. If you wish to talk to a governor, please do so. They are David Graham-Wheeler (Chair), Jeremy Shatford (Vice Chair and Chair of Policy and Curriculum committee), Sam Gaiger (Chair of Premises, Finance and Audit committee), Sara Cook, Ruth Edwards, Sid Keyte, Emma Farebrother, Rev Mark Jones, Dorian Amor and Mercedes Henning. 

Fire Drill We regularly practise evacuating the school in case of emergency – the children are quiet, calm and efficiently make their way to the fire point. If you are ever in school or in the vicinity, and you hear the fire alarm (a very loud siren) please make for the school field and wait there for instructions. Do not go into the school building in case it is dangerous.

Wake and Shake Thank you very much to all the wonderful parents who join in Wake and Shake so enthusiastically. It sets a great example to all the children and is particularly important to the Year 6 children who work so hard to make this fun. If you do not wish to participate, please stand behind the children so that they can see the year 6 children in front. 

Unveiling of our art/history project On Monday 10th February at 2.00pm, the Archdeacon of Wilts, the Ven Ruth Worsley, will come to school to conduct an official “unveiling” of our wonderful art/history project, the timeline around the hall foyer. We welcome parents and friends to come along to this event to celebrate a really tremendous outcome. Refreshments will be served afterwards and you can enjoy a cup of tea and chat whilst you wait for children.

Half Term Break is from 17th February to 21st February. Holiday club will run through this week. Please sign up online if you are interested (we have some letters in the office) – it is a very popular club and the children who attend have a great time.

Some important dates

  • Braeside residential trip for Year 3 children: Wednesday 5th March – Thursday 6th March
  • Braeside residential trip for Year 4 children: Thursday 6th March – Friday 7th March
  • Parent/teacher meetings: Wednesday 12th March (3.00pm – 5.00pm) and Thursday 13th March (5.30pm – 8.00pm)
  • End of term: Friday 4th April

Safety of children Once again, we ask you all to supervise your children carefully especially at the beginning and end of the school day. The traffic is at its heaviest at these times and children’s lives are in very real danger if they are not close to a responsible adult. Young children should be holding the hand of their carer (even if they do not wish to!) particularly when they approach the road. They also need to be carefully supervised if they are in the play park – please make sure your child does not slip out of the park into the woods or onto the pavement.

PFA – Dates for Your Diaries

Textile Recycling – The PFA have organised for recycling to take place on the first Monday of every month so the next one is on Monday 3rd February.  Please bring your textiles to school, bagged up and ready to go!  Collection will be at the playground gate.

Fairy Cake FridayFriday 14th February.  Mixing bowls at the ready – be totally imaginative with your cake donations please.  Cakes will be for sale after school and all donations are much appreciated and can be brought in on Friday morning.  Thanks.

Second Hand Uniform Sale – The next date for this is Friday, 28th February.

Best wishes              

Mercedes Henning



School Dinners from September 2014 

I am likely to sign up for my Infant child/ren to have Free School Meals in September 2014.

Yes    [     ]                  No [   ] 

If yes, how many children do you have in the Infants? …………………………………

I am likely to purchase meals (regularly or occasionally) for a child/ren in KS2.

Yes    [     ]                  No [   ] 

If yes, how many older children would be involved? …………………………………

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