Newsletter 19 – 27th January 2017

Dear Parents

Maths for parents Thank you to all who attended this event – it is because we have such engaged and supportive families that we can achieve such great outcomes.  If you found this useful and would like to have sessions on other subject areas (or more on maths!) please let us know.

Library Books My very sincere thanks to all our parents who took the time to search through their children’s book cases and return books – it is a tedious job and we very grateful for the tremendous return we have had from this initiative. If you have any more of our books, please do send them in!

School Council Recently, our school council suggested that we improve the play equipment for children to use – and they suggested that we have a space rocket installed on the field! We asked our play equipment designers to come up with some ideas, and children have now had a chance to see the initial drawings. Their feedback has been very positive and they have suggested improvements which we will aim to put in place if we can afford them.  We hope to get this project commissioned this academic year.

We are always very impressed with the ideas and feedback we get from our school council about all sorts of matters, including Collective Worship, teaching themes and ideas, improvement of school equipment and environment and ideas to help children live in accordance with the Christian ethos and school values. Their views are very valuable and are taken into account when we set our school development plan.

Music Making We are very fortunate to have Ms Sharman help us with music making in our school. At present, she is working with three of our classes to help them compose/improvise and sing for a performance which we shall enjoy at Sharing Assembly when it is ready. The theme is, of course, “Lions” and the children are doing a great job of rehearsing in ensemble already.

Canvassing on Homework Our sincere thanks to all who responded to the canvassing on homework. Every response indicated that people are satisfied with the homework their children have, and that they feel it is about the right amount and at the right level. There were one or two suggestions, such as having more reading comprehension exercises for homework, and these are being considered by the teachers. A reminder that if you would like to do more with your child at home, there is a tab on our website under “Information for Parents” which is called “Learning at Home” and there are ideas and games on this page which you might find interesting.

Once the formal homework set at school is complete, the best thing parents can do is to help their children use the learning regularly in everyday life. Ask your child to read things for you – captions, adverts, longer texts if they are able. Ask them to help you bake, using weighing and measuring, ask them to perform calculations for you (How much is this, if it is now half price? How much will this cost if they have taken 10% off? How many will each member of our family get if we share this equally between us? etc) and ask them to write for you (shopping lists, notes to remind you of things, thank you letters, research into toys they are interested in etc).

Something to do this weekend! Big Garden Birdwatch takes place this weekend, from 28-30 January. This is the world’s largest wildlife survey and a great thing to do with your children.  The RSPB is asking people to spend an hour at any time on the weekend, counting the birds in their garden or park and submitting these results to the RSPB. You can find out more at

Longleat Trip All our children except those in Silbury Class will be going to Longleat on Friday 24th February. (Silbury will have a trip later in the year). This will be wonderful opportunity to see real lions, to explore the lion motif in art and furniture in the house, and to explore other aspects of the Longleat estate. Children in Silbury class who order school dinners will have the packed lunch option on that day, since the dinner staff will be off site. All other children must, of course, bring a packed lunch.

Parent/Teacher Meetings A reminder that Parent/Teacher meetings will be held on Wednesday 15th March and Thursday 16th March. We shall open the booking site in the new half term so that you can arrange your appointments to suit your family. Each meeting will be 10 minutes long and will provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s attainment and progress.

Consultation on school holidays Please respond on the link: with regard to the precise dates for 2018-19 school holidays.

A summary of the Behaviour Policy The school has a set of rules for behaviour which are aimed at promoting kindness,  generosity, honesty and good relationships, so that people can work together in a supportive atmosphere with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn, to be creative, to grow emotionally and physically, and to be happy. Behaviour is this school is outstanding, which is why learning and enjoyment of school are rated so highly by children, by parents and by other stakeholders who work with our children. We regularly have wonderful comments from coaches and other visitors to our school, commending the behaviour of our children and comparing it very favourably with other schools and other children. We praise and reward children for good behaviour in a variety of ways: teachers and other staff praise children; teachers run reward schemes of their own choosing; special certificates/stickers can be awarded; children might visit the assistant headteachers or the headteacher to celebrate with them; sharing assemblies are held and examples of children’s achievements are shown. Occasionally it may be necessary to sanction a child who has misbehaved or disobeyed the school rules. The sanctions may take the form of a non-verbal reprimand (meeting the child’s eyes) or verbal reprimand, isolating the child for a few minutes within the classroom or on the playground, an interview with an assistant headteacher or the headteacher and/or playtime detention – either by staying inside or remaining near the adult on duty outdoors. Sometimes children will be asked to complete a piece of work in their own time if it was not done satisfactorily in lesson time.  Should behaviour not improve, parents will be called in to discuss ways in which they can support the child and the school in their efforts to improve behaviour. This happens extremely rarely, but, if the parents support the school, the child’s behaviour always does improve remarkably quickly.  The full behaviour policy is available on our website – follow this link:

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Friday 10th February Last day of term
Monday 20th February Children back to school
Friday 24th February Longleat Trip – Stonehenge class, White Horse Class, Sarum Class and Avebury Class – please bring packed lunch.
Wednesday 15th March Parent/teacher meetings 3.10pm – 6.00pm
Thursday 16th March Parent/teacher meetings 5.30pm – 8.00pm
Friday 7th April Last day of term – holiday club next week
Monday 24th April Children back to school

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


Thank-you to everyone who attended our meeting this week. Some great event ideas coming forward and a very enthusiastic response to our new fundraising initiative – to assist the school towards the overall cost of Theatre Lighting for the School Hall!

We are really excited about this in terms of established school productions as well as inspiring other performances and giving pupils interested in theatre production an opportunity to operate stage lighting themselves.

We aim to raise around £2,500 as part of a ‘slow-burn’ fundraising initiative. With this in mind, please diarise the following upcoming events:

:: Monday, February 3 – Fabric Recycle Collection

:: Friday, February 10 – Non-uniform day (Please can pupils bring £1)

:: Friday, February 24 – Tuck Shop (& possibly second-hand uniform sale)

:: Friday, March 3 – Fabby Friday – The Sequel! (tentative date so far, but please diarise!)

As always, thank-you for your incredible support!

From the PFA TEAM

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.


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