Newsletter 19 – 23rd February 2018

Dear Parents

World Book Day If you wish, your child can dress up day on World Book Day, Thursday 1st March. We ask that you make sure the character is one that the children have READ about – not one they have seen on a film or heard about. The point of this day is to encourage an even greater love of reading in our children. Your child should be ready to chat about their character in case they are asked about “Who they are”.

Please do not go out and buy an expensive costume. Use things you have readily to hand at home or in the dressing up box. Make sure it is simple for you to manage. Your child will be going out to play as usual so the costume must be easy and safe to play in – no high heels or complex bits and pieces. They must bring (and wear) their coats. If your child does not want to dress up, that is perfectly fine – they can come in their school uniform as usual.

Pancake Races Our very sincere thanks to our PFA who helped us organise this fun event, and to Mr Amor who always manages these events with such effortless efficiency. Red Team won and the points will be added to their overall score for the year (which includes other events such as the swimming gala and other intra school competitions) and the overall winner will be announced at Sports Day. As ever, our children were a delight, looking after each other and taking part enthusiastically.

Air Ambulance It was very interesting to have a presentation from the Wiltshire Air Ambulance on Monday. As well as discussing the lifesaving work they do, they also reminded children of basic precautions they need to take to keep themselves safe – fastening seat belts, reminding parents not to drive whilst on the phone, wearing helmets when cycling and taking care when crossing the road. Our children decided to send a contribution from their Christmas Performance fundraising to the Air Ambulance which relies on donations to keep going. They need more than £3,000,000 a year to keep this service flying, and many people work as volunteers.

Spring Growing We are very grateful to Gardening Clubbers who do such a good job of keeping our grounds looking beautiful and productive. We have a few new projects this year which the whole school will engage with but which will be driven by Gardening Club. Wheat will be planted as soon as the weather permits – Gardening Clubbers will be making interesting scare crows to try to protect the young wheat from bird depredation. Sarum class will be planting a wildflower meadow just outside Bluebell Wood this term as part of their topic on our wonderful world. (They have also been discussing the problem of plastics and microplastics which threaten our oceans).

Charity Afternoon On Tuesday 20th March, teams of children will set up little stalls in the hall to raise funds for charities of their choice. Through the course of this week, children have been “pitching” for a table (we can only have 12 tables in the hall) and they have had to explain which charity they will be supporting and what the impact of their giving will be. They also had to explain what their stall will be offering and how they will prepare in advance, set up the stall, and organise the afternoon’s activity. Every team has to have an adult who will support them through the whole process of preparation, running the stall and who will send off the contributions to the charity. On Monday we will be announcing which teams have pitched well enough to have a table awarded to them. If they are unsuccessful this year, they can always try again next year. All children are encouraged to bring a pound or two into school on that day so that they can take part in the activities on offer. This is just for children in our school – no parents or other people attend the event except for those who are helping the teams of children.

Stranger Danger Although very rare, there are occasional reports of strangers trying to take children into their cars. Please warn your children about this and warn them not to walk alone. It is more important to warn them about the dangers of the internet, however, and we do urge you to keep internet safety as a priority for your child.

A summary of the Behaviour Policy The school has a set of rules for behaviour which are aimed at promoting kindness,  generosity, honesty and good relationships, so that people can work together in a supportive atmosphere with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn, to be creative, to grow emotionally and physically, and to be happy. Behaviour in this school is outstanding, which is why learning and enjoyment of school are rated so highly by children, by parents and by other stakeholders who work with our children. We regularly have wonderful comments from coaches and other visitors to our school, commending the behaviour of our children and comparing it very favourably with other schools and other children.

We praise and reward children for good behaviour in a variety of ways: teachers and other staff praise children; teachers run reward schemes of their own choosing; special certificates/stickers can be awarded; children might visit the assistant headteachers or the headteacher to celebrate with them; sharing assemblies are held and examples of children’s achievements are shown. Occasionally it may be necessary to sanction a child who has misbehaved or disobeyed the school rules. The sanctions may take the form of a non-verbal reprimand (meeting the child’s eyes) or verbal reprimand, isolating the child for a few minutes within the classroom or on the playground, an interview with an assistant headteacher or the headteacher and/or playtime detention – either by staying inside or remaining near the adult on duty outdoors. Sometimes children will be asked to complete a piece of work in their own time if it was not done satisfactorily in lesson time.  Should behaviour not improve, parents will be called in to discuss ways in which they can support the child and the school in their efforts to improve behaviour. This happens extremely rarely, but, if the parents support the school, the child’s behaviour always does improve remarkably quickly.  The full behaviour policy is available on our website – follow this link: . You will also find copies of all our other relevant policies on this page.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Thursday 1st March World Book Day – dress up as a character they have READ about.
Wednesday 14th March Parent – Teacher meetings 3.10pm – 6.00pm
Thursday 15th March Parent-Teacher meetings 5.30 pm – 8.00pm
Thursday 29th March Last day of term
Monday 16th April Children back in school
Tuesday 22nd  May Music concert 5.00pm
Weds 23rd May – Fri 25th May Forest of Dean residential trip
Friday 25th May Last day of half term
Tuesday 5th June Children back in school
Friday 29th  June Children’s reports published for parents
Week commencing 2nd July Parents invited to French Café experience, class by class. After lunch each day
Tuesday 3rd July and Wednesday 4th July Summer performances by Years 3 and 4
Wednesday 11th July Sports Day followed by picnic on field 9.15am – 12.50pm
Wednesday 18th July School Eucharist – Archdeacon Sue Groom 2.00pm
Monday 23rd July Parents’ welcome meetings for new academic year 5.00pm – 7.30pm
Monday 23rd July Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm
Tuesday 24th July Last day of term

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

Many thanks for the jam jars brought in today!

Friday 9th March – MOTHERS DAY TUCK SHOP – We will be selling lovely flowers in decorated jam jars.

Thursday 22nd March – EASTER DISCO

Friday 23rd March – FABBY FRIDAY

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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