Newsletter 18 – 30th January 2015

Dear Parents

Lataca – Gold Status!  We are delighted to announce that our school meals provider has been awarded Gold Star status for the Eat Out Eat Well programme from Wiltshire Council. Even to be considered for Gold Star status, all their establishments are required to be at least level 3 on the Food Hygiene rating, (Lataca’s are all level 5 – exceeding the requirement substantially). They have to offer a varied menu, including white and red meat, oily and tinned fish. They must offer a wide variety of fruit and vegetables which must be cooked in a healthy way, along with breads, rice, pastas and potatoes. Lataca review and amend their menus every term, listening to the children, parents and staff reactions. Congratulations to everyone at Lataca – and it is very comforting to know that Wiltshire Council thinks so highly of our providers.

Lataca are continuing to offer a £10 meal deal for children in KS2 if a lunch is ordered every day of the week – check out the website  or the parent portal for the Spring term menus.

Please note that orders and payments sent through school should be together in a named and sealed envelope to prevent orders being lost and payments not matching orders placed.

Clay Club We are glad to be able to offer Clay Club again, starting after February half term on Mondays.  Monday 23rd February will be the first session. There will be 5 sessions in each of the next 3 half terms, if enough children attend to make it worthwhile. The fees are £7 per session (which includes the clay, firing and all other materials). The fees are payable half term in advance.  This club is open to all children. There are a few places still available so if you are interested, please complete the sign-up  form with your first half term’s payment and hand it in at the office. Last date to sign up is Friday 6th February. For those parents who have already signed up, your places are secured and your child will be able to attend the first session – please send your fees in before the end of this term.

Choir – Songs of Praise Although our choir did not get through to the next round in the Songs of Praise competition, we had some lovely comments from the adjudicators: “ Good balance between the two parts”, “Fresh and easy to listen to”, “Sympathetically blended sound from the choir”, “Good opening solo”, “You communicated well in both pieces”, “Well-rehearsed and delivered”, “You sang with conviction” and “Intelligently sung”.  My very sincere thanks to Ms Sharman for all her work on this, to Mr Moore for his recording of the work and to our courageous children who took on this challenge.

Governors We have a tremendous team of governors who volunteer to serve on our governing body. They direct the strategic planning and general, overarching policies of the school, support the headteacher and hold her to account for high standards in all areas of school life – including the Christian ethos, Behaviour, Progress and Attainment, Child Protection, Health and Safety and Financial Management. They have no role in the day to day management of the school, of course – that is the headteacher’s role. Most policies can be found on our website or, if not, they can be requested at the school office. If you wish to talk to a governor about governance issues, please do so. They are David Graham-Wheeler (Chair), Jeremy Shatford (Vice Chair and Chair of Policy and Curriculum committee), Sam Gaiger (Chair of Premises, Finance and Audit committee), Sara Cook, Ruth Edwards, Sid Keyte, Emma Farebrother, Rev Mark Jones, Dorian Amor and Mercedes Henning. 

Breakfast Club Please complete the survey if you are interested in this provision. The providers need about 6 children every day, without fail, to make it worth their while to run the club. If you think that you might be interested in making use of a breakfast club, either regularly or occasionally, please complete the online survey at 

This must be completed by Friday 6th February.

Milk Please visit if you wish to register your child for school milk. Every child under the age of five is entitled to free school milk, and if your child is over five, the cost is subsidised.

Water Aid Day On Tuesday 10th February, children are invited (if they wish to) to come to school dressed in a “Water themed” outfit – this might simply be blue clothing, or might be a costume depicting something to do with water. Each child who comes to school in non-uniform clothing should bring £1 into school – this will go towards buying water pumps for villages in Africa where there is no clean water.

Fire Drill We regularly practise evacuating the school in case of emergency – the children are quiet, calm and efficiently make their way to the fire point. If you are ever in school or in the vicinity, and you hear the fire alarm (a very loud siren) please make for the school field and wait there for instructions. Do not go into the school building in case it is dangerous.

Safety on school grounds Please be aware that the bank that leads up onto the field is very slippery, especially at this time of year. Please use the steps rather than trying to climb the slope. Children are not allowed to play on the bank at any time.

Winter Sports Because we only had 6 children sign up for Winter Sports, we have had to cancel this club. If you didn’t sign up at the time but are still interested in the club, please let us know at the office.

Online Payments The significant majority of parents who responded to last week’s canvassing were in favour of the online payment system. You are obviously free to continue to pay by cheque or cash if you wish, but the online system is another option which we shall now offer parents.

Home School Agreements Please return the agreement signed by both parent and child to the school as soon as possible. The agreement is seen as a way of promoting good relationships both outside and inside school for the benefit of the pupils attending the school.

Best Wishes

Mercedes Henning


PFA News

Logo Competition – the children know what they need to do! Entries should be in school by Monday 9th February and the winner will be announced on Friday 13th February.


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