Newsletter 17 – 23rd January 2015

Dear Parents

Breakfast Club We have been approached by a provider of Breakfast Club services for schools. They are canvassing parental opinion on this matter with a view to running a breakfast club here at Holy Trinity if there is enough interest. They need about 6 children every day, without fail, to make it worth their while. If you think that you might be interested in making use of a breakfast club, either regularly or occasionally, please complete the online survey at 

This must be completed by Friday 6th February.

Cool Milk The forms to request fresh milk each day for your child have gone out. If you wish your child to have milk, please register online or complete the form. You can pay monthly or termly or even annually. Children entitled to free school meals may have the milk for free but you will still need to sign up and let us know so that we can cover the cost. This will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, of course.

Water Aid Day On Tuesday 10th February, children are invited (if they wish to) to come to school dressed in a “Water themed” outfit – this might simply be blue clothing, or might be a costume depicting something to do with water. Each child who comes to school in non-uniform clothing should bring £1 into school – this will go towards buying water pumps for villages in Africa where there is no clean water.

Admissions policy   We are consulting on the 2016-17 admissions policy at present – it can be found on our website, . Our planned admission number is 21 – which is the indicated admissions number. If you have comments to make, please let the Headteacher or Chair of Governors know. Once the policy is determined, in April, comments can be made to the Schools Adjudicator.

Counselling I have had a few parents ask me about getting counselling for their children recently. There are various services which you can tap into, either on your own or with a referral from your GP or school nurse or the school in some instances. These include

  • Mediationplus – for children whose parents have separated or divorced – phone: 01793 527285
  • Relate Mid-Wiltshire – for children who are emotionally troubled – phone: 0300 0031781
  • Health visitors and children’s centres support children up to the age of 5 and their families
  • School Nurse – the school will refer you to this service if you require their support
  • ASK – a family information service that offers free information to parents on a range of issues – helpline: 08457585072 or 01380 872915
  • Childline – for children themselves who are struggling for any reason – phone: 0800 1111
  • Samaritans – for adults who are struggling – phone: 08457 909090

Parent Portal A copy of the newsletter and other documents are uploaded each week to the parent portal – please log on to view it. The login is available from the Holy Trinity website. If you are new to the school then you will need to register to obtain your login details. This is the place where your child’s school report will be published as well at the end of the academic year – available to you with your own login and password.

Online Payments It seems that this initiative has been very well received by parents with many very positive comments. If we are to sign up formally and pay the fee involved, we need to establish that it will continue to be of use to you. We ask you therefore to complete the slip at the bottom of this letter to let us know your thoughts on continuing with the option to pay all school monies online. Each transaction will incur a small cost (32p) once our free trial is over, and the school also has a fee to pay for the service. We are very happy to continue with this if it is useful to you.

School Council One of the ways in which we like to canvass our children’s views on the school and their enjoyment of it, is through the School Council. Class reps are voted in by their peers and the reps are encouraged to represent the views of their classmates at our council meetings. I enjoy hearing their views – children give sensible, workable and creative ideas which improve their experience of school. It was their input which resulted in the rebound wall being erected last year and much of the other play equipment being purchased prior to that. Collective worship has been transformed through their input, lunch times are improved, themes for learning (all our art themes come from a School Council suggestion), ideas for behaviour management, decoration of the school and charities that are supported all come from School Council suggestions. They have suggested that we have a programme of litter picking (they like the idea!) and it was their initial proposal that led to the governing body exploring and agreeing to the purchase of iPads in school.

I enjoy hearing the children’s views in a variety of ways – children pop into my office regularly with ideas and suggestions, I get notes from them, and teachers and governors report children’s views to me. We also have a formal canvassing once a year. This is their school and their views are of the utmost importance to us and are taken into account whenever decisions are being made.

Lataca Ltd are continuing to offer a £10 meal deal for children in KS2 if a lunch is ordered every day of the week –  check out the website  or the parent portal for the Spring term menus.

Best Wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News 

Logo Competition – the children know what they need to do! Entries should be in school by Monday 9th February and the winner will be announced on Friday 13th February.

There will be a second hand uniform sale on the last Friday of the month (Friday 30 January) – please bring any clean uniform which is in good condition that your child has outgrown into school for the sale. 

Online payments to the school

I do/do not (delete as applicable) support the continuation of the service allowing us to pay school monies online.

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