Newsletter 17 – 22nd January 201

Dear Parents

Trip to @Bristol for Stonehenge Class On Thursday 28th January, the children in Stonehenge class will be going to @Bristol for an exciting Planetarium experience! Please make sure you have the notifications about this so that your child comes prepared for the trip.

Canvassing on Homework Thank you to all who replied to this questionnaire. We had 17 responses, and 16 of the respondents agreed with the statement “We are broadly satisfied with the homework set for our child”.

The comments included two that wanted more homework, more challenging homework and also to have homework set through the holidays. The other responses indicated that parents are happy with the quantity of homework, with the support offered to them by the school to complete the tasks, with the fact that they are engaged with their children’s learning, and most were clear that they do not want any extra homework than is currently set, and that sometimes their children need encouraging to complete the homework.

If you do want to do more homework with your children, you might like to look on our website “Learning at Home” following the tab “Information for Parents” which gives lots of great ideas for Reading, Writing and Maths.   If you are interested in seeing the whole school curriculum, including the new national curriculum for English and Maths which we follow, follow the tab “The School” and “Creative Curriculum” . There you will find the curriculum for each year group in detail.

School Council One of the ways in which we like to canvass our children’s views on the school and their enjoyment of it, is through the School Council. Class reps are voted in by their peers and the reps are encouraged to represent the views of their classmates at our council meetings. I enjoy hearing their views – children give sensible, workable and creative ideas which improve their experience of school.

It was their input which resulted in the outdoor classroom initiative now being organised by our PFA and much of the other play equipment has been purchased following their requests. Collective worship has been transformed through their input, lunch times are improved, themes for learning (all our art themes come from a School Council suggestion), ideas for behaviour management, decoration of the school and charities that are supported all come from School Council suggestions. They have suggested that we have a programme of litter picking (they like the idea!) and it was their initial proposal that led to the governing body exploring and agreeing to the purchase of iPads in school. I enjoy hearing the children’s views in a variety of ways – children pop into my office regularly with ideas and suggestions, I get notes from them, and teachers and governors report children’s views to me. We also have a formal canvassing once a year. This is their school and their views are of the utmost importance to us and are taken into account whenever decisions are being made.  

Parking Please be careful of our children’s safety, and please be courteous and polite when you are parking to pick up children. It is a time of turbulence when tempers can get frayed and our children need to be set a good example of how to behave and how to keep safe.  

Counselling I have had a few parents ask me about getting counselling for their children recently. There are various services which you can tap into, either on your own or with a referral from your GP or school nurse or the school in some instances.   These include

  • Mediationplus – for children whose parents have separated or divorced – phone: 01793 527285
  • Relate Mid-Wiltshire – for children who are emotionally troubled – phone: 0300 0031781
  • Health visitors and children’s centres support children up to the age of 5 and their families
  • School Nurse – the school will refer you to this service if you require their support
  • ASK – a family information service that offers free information to parents on a range of issues – helpline: 08457585072 or 01380 872915
  • Childline – for children themselves who are struggling for any reason – phone: 0800 1111
  • Samaritans – for adults who are struggling – phone: 08457 909090


  Upcoming Events(Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Friday 12th February Last day of this half term
Monday 22nd February Back to school
Wednesday 9th March Parent/teacher meetings 3.15pm -6.00pm
Thursday 10th March Parent/teacher meetings 5.30pm-8.00pm
Thursday 24th March Last day of the term
Tuesday 29th March – Friday 1st April Holiday club
Monday 11th April Back to school
Tuesday 24th May Music Concert 5.00pm

    Best wishes   Mercedes Henning

PFA News

PFA Second hand uniform sale on Friday 29th January straight after sharing assembly. Please bring any unwanted uniform into school by Friday morning. Items to be in good condition and clean. Thank you!

Fabby Friday is coming,  prosecco based fundraiser on Friday 26th February to raise money for the new Outdoor Classroom. Tickets £5 on sale from the school office.

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