Newsletter 17 – 20th January 2012

Dear Parents

Holiday Club We will be offering a holiday club in the school, run as usual by Sports Stars, through the February half term (starting on Monday 13th February) and
one week of the Easter half term (Tuesday 10th April until Friday 13th April). Forms are available in the office to sign up for the coming half term break.

Governors  We are very fortunate in the this school to have extremely competent and active governors (also known as directors in an Academy) who understand the importance of supporting the school and challenging it to provide ever better education for our children.  Governors do not involve themselves in the minutiae of the day to day management and running of the school but they form policy for the school and have an overall strategic view of the school and vision for the school. They include a mixture of Foundation Governors (who are tasked with ensuring that the Christian foundation of the school is strictly maintained), parent governors (who are elected by the parents themselves to represent their views), staff governors (elected by the school staff) and
ex-officio governors who are on the governing body by virtue of their position
in the school or community.  The following people are governors and can be approached on any matter to do with school governance: Diane Gilpin (Chair), Annabel Brooks (Vice Chair), Rev James Campbell (ex-officio), Mercedes Henning (ex-officio), Jo Leeming (Foundation Governor), Ruth Edwards (Foundation Governor), Barny Beddow, (Foundation Governor), Simon West (Foundation Governor), Sara Cook (Parent Governor), Jeremy Shatford (Parent Governor) and Dorian Amor (Staff Governor).

Themes for this term There is not a
whole school theme this term – instead each class has their own theme. They are
as follows:

: Food, Glorious Food (with special reference to Fairy Tales such
as the Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding hood)

Horse Class
: Superheroes (Involving the film The Incredibles, with
reference to family life, the science that would be involved in having a
superpower and many other fun aspects)

: The Victorians (using our lovely village and surroundings for
real life experience of Victorian buildings and also investigating some
Victorian artists)

: World War 2 (working towards setting up and presenting to
parents and visitors their own museum on this topic, with photos, artefacts,
interactive displays etc on the theme)

: The Titanic and other great happenings of 1912 (Including Scott
and his expedition to the Antarctic and many other events, which will be
investigated, discussed, written about and enjoyed)

Holidays in Term Time A quick reminder
that, in line with the policy in all our local primary and secondary schools,
we will not authorise holidays in term time unless there is a very exceptional
circumstance (such as a parent returning from a war zone, or a hugely critical
event within the family). Requests for an extra few days at the end of a
holiday, or because holidays are cheaper outside of the school holiday period
will be marked as “unauthorised” and if there are more than 5 days of
unauthorised absence, the information will be sent off to the Education Welfare
Officer who will probably take action on the matter. School holidays amount to
13 weeks in each year and we do need children in school for the remaining weeks
if we are to ensure their good progress.

Diamond Jubilee The Great Cheverell Parish council are planning some celebrations around the Queen’s Diamond jubilee later this year, some of which will involve
children from this school.  They would like to canvass parents on which day would suit most people for these celebrations to be held in the village. The options are Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd, Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of June. We would be grateful if you would complete the tear off slip at the bottom of this letter telling us which day you and your family would be most like to attend.  Could you please return these by Friday 27th January?

Parent Support Advisor Belle
Wiles is our PSA and can be contacted at   or on her phone at 07891373400. Her role is to support parents and signpost them to services that might help them through a variety of problems or concerns. Her remit is wide, from helping with aspects of parenting, behaviour and academic concerns through to support with claiming benefits, helping to find childcare, holiday clubs, transition into different
schools, marriage or relationship break up – in fact anything where a parent in
our modern day might feel the need for some support. She will be available in
the playground on Wednesday mornings. Do feel free to chat to her and get to
know her even if at this stage you don’t need any support.

Children’s Movie Night on Friday 18th November from
6-8pm in Erlestoke Church. Come along for a light supper, pudding and a movie!
Donations of £1 for food are gratefully accepted. Children under five must be
accompanied by a parent.

Free School Meals A reminder to parents that if you are in receipt of certain benefits, you
may be eligible for Free School Meals. Forms are available from the office to
complete and send off and you will be informed by the authorities whether you
are eligible or not. The information is treated in the strictest

Positive Parenting

Are you interested in getting together
with other parents to discuss strategies which help to improve your child’s
behaviour? A new group is starting at Southbroom Junior School on Monday
16th January
9.30am – 11.30am. the group is free to attend and if there
is demand free childcare will be provided. Please call Helen 0783 7298586 or
Sara 0777 3164029 for further information or to book a place

Recycling ink cartridges and mobile phones.  There is a
collection box for toner and ink cartridges and mobile phones near the office.
No toner bottles, ribbons or Epson ink jet cartridges. Empty ink cartridges
will need to be packaged in a protective bag and mobiles similarly along with
their battery. We will receive funds for the school as a result of our
recycling so would encourage you to take part if you can


Wacky Hair Day
on Friday February 10th, you wear your uniforms pay a £1 to wear wacky hair!

We will
be holding the Pancake races on Shrove Tuesday, 21st February, with
Mr Amor as chief organiser and starter! The children loved this event last

If any one would like to come forward to help the PFA please let me know ( Louise George 816228) the more of us the better! We are looking for a new Treasurer to
replace Sophie Woolley who is retiring after many years of service, this is an
essential role but not very onerous!

Best wishes

M Henning


Preference for date for Diamond
Jubilee Celebrations

I would prefer the celebrations to be held in Great Cheverell on: (Delete as

Saturday 2nd June                Sunday 3rd June                    Monday  June 4th
Tuesday 5th June

Name of
parent: ……………………………………………………

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