Newsletter 16 – 13th January 2012

Dear Parents

Dance Club The club starts on 18th
January 2012
, for 6 weeks in the first instance and then on a rolling
programme.  Children should wear
comfortable, loose clothing or their PE kit. Please be prompt when picking your
child up at the end of the club.

Clubs Those clubs that are run by staff
volunteers commence next  week – do check
that your child is signed up for this term if you are in any doubt – the clubs
are offered to different age groups in different terms.

Holiday Club We will be offering a
holiday club in the school, run as usual by Sports Stars, through the February
half term (starting on Monday 13th February) and
one week of the Easter half term (Tuesday 10th April until Friday
13th April
). Forms are available in the office to sign up
for the coming half term break.

Children’s progress Once again, a
reminder that you are most welcome to come into school to discuss your child’s
progress with their teacher whenever you wish – simply make an appointment with
your child’s teacher. Formal parent-teacher meetings take place again on 7th
and 8th of March
. If you want to have a very quick word with
your child’s teacher, they can usually see you briefly after school or you can
write a note in your child’s homework book or reading record. Please let us
know of any unusual or upsetting events in your child’s life – this helps us to
support them effectively in school.

Swimming Class swimming for Avebury
will start on Thursday 26th January. A letter will follow.

Visitors in school  In this busy week, we have had teachers from
other schools come to watch our teachers at work to pick up tips, we have had
headteachers and governors from other schools come to discuss aspects of
transition to Academy status, and we have had the Director of Education, Chris
Sheppard from Salisbury diocese come to our school. All of them have remarked
on how lovely the school is, how well the children behave and how good learning
is. Chris joined us for Collective Worship and was delighted with the
children’s engagement and particularly their singing!  My thanks, as ever, to our wonderful children
and their families who help to ensure that this school is such an outstanding
place to learn and have fun.

Support Advisor
Belle Wiles is our
PSA and can be contacted at
or on her phone at 07891373400. Her
role is to support parents and signpost them to services that might help them
through a variety of problems or concerns. Her remit is wide, from helping with
aspects of parenting, behaviour and academic concerns through to support with
claiming benefits, helping to find childcare, holiday clubs, transition into
different schools, marriage or relationship break up – in fact anything where a
parent in our modern day might feel the need for some support. She will be
available in the playground on Wednesday mornings. Do feel free to chat to her
and get to know her even if at this stage you don’t need any support.

Free School Meals A reminder to parents
that if you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be eligible for Free
School Meals. Forms are available from the office to complete and send off and
you will be informed by the authorities whether you are eligible or not. The
information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Shoe Boxes Mrs Garraway has asked for donations of shoe boxes to be
handed in to Sarum class as soon as possible for a project.


Are you interested in getting together
with other parents to discuss strategies which help to improve your child’s
behaviour? A new group is starting at Southbroom Junior School on Monday 16th
January 9.30am – 11.30am. the group is free to attend and if there is demand
free childcare will be provided. Please call Helen 0783 7298586 or Sara 0777
3164029 for further information or to book a place

Recycling ink cartridges and
mobile phones.  
There is a collection box for
toner and ink cartridges and mobile phones near the office. No toner bottles,
ribbons or Epson ink jet cartridges. Empty ink cartridges will need to be
packaged in a protective bag and mobiles similarly along with their battery. We
will receive funds for the school as a result of our recycling so would encourage
you to take part if you can.

Best wishes

M Henning

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