Newsletter 15 – 19th January 2018

Invitation to all parents On Tuesday 6th February, at 2.30 pm, you are invited to come into school to take part in a workshop in your child’s classroom on how to carry out the four main maths operations in the new curriculum – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Please do consider coming to this event. If children are taught one method at school and another at home, they are very likely to struggle. If you support your child with maths, please make sure you use the methods we use at school.

Our aim is to ensure that all children are very confident in using the four operations, so that they can use them automatically and effortlessly, and that they have their number bonds and multiplication facts on instant recall. With these building blocks in place, they will find it much easier to tackle mathematical problem solving which is really the heart of maths. If they struggle with the basics, then the problem solving becomes enormously difficult for them.

World Book Day  In response to a plea from the PFA, we have decided to have a “Dress Up Day” on Thursday 1st March which is World Book day. If your child would like to dress up as a book character, we ask that you ensure it is a character that they have read about – not one that they have seen on a film, or that they have heard about. The point of this day is to emphasise the fun and importance of reading. If your child would rather not dress up, that is fine of course – they can come in their usual school uniform.  Please do not go out and spend lots of money on expensive costumes, or wake up at 5.00am to get your child ready! This is just a bit of fun to celebrate reading.

“I will come and fetch you!” If you bring your child into school and they are somewhat under the weather, please don’t say to them, “If you don’t feel well, I shall come and fetch you before the end of the school day.” The child then prepares themselves to notice any tiny sign of being unwell, and to wish to go home immediately. It makes them unsettled at school and it very hard for us to persuade them to enjoy themselves and engage fully. It is more motivating for the child if you say something like, “You look much better today! You are going to have a great day at school. See you at 3.00!” We absolutely undertake to phone you and let you know if your child really does seem too unwell to stay at school – we would never let a child struggle and suffer if they really needed to go home. You can trust us.

Charity donations Following a week reflecting on “The Water of Life” in Collective Worship, the children have decided to send a donation from the money collected at the Christmas Performances to Water Aid. We are always very touched when our children show sensitivity to the needs of others and acknowledge their own very privileged position. In March, we shall have our annual “Charities” afternoon, where teams of children can set up stalls to raise funds for the charity of their choice in the school hall and their peers can take part in the activities, or buy products on offer. The range of charities is wide and interesting – the children have to be able to talk about their reasons for selecting their particular charity – and they usually raise an average of about £20 for each charity.

Some exciting things this term We shall have Sam Burnside from the Wiltshire police come into school later this term to talk to each class, and we shall have the Air Ambulance talking about their work to the whole school. Sarum class are preparing to sow a wildflower meadow around the boundary of Bluebell Wood and the Gardening Club will be taking the lead on sowing a patch of wheat which we hope to grow, harvest, mill and bake this year.

Facebook and our Website If you are interested in seeing photos of some of the things that take place in school, or if you would like more information on policies, staffing, governors, the school calendar, or many other aspects of our school, do visit the webpage at . If you follow Facebook, you might wish to “like” our Facebook page so that you can receive the photos and other notifications which are sent out quite regularly. We never publish photos in which children might be identifiable, but you will be able to see many of the great things that happen here.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Wednesday 31 January Sarum class to Living Rainforest 9.00 – 3.00
Friday 9th February Last day of half term
Monday 19th February Children back in school
Wednesday 14th March Parent – Teacher meetings 3.10pm – 6.00pm
Thursday 15th March Parent-Teacher meetings 5.30 pm – 8.00pm
Thursday 29th March Last day of term
Monday 16th April Children back in school
Tuesday 22 May Music concert 5.00pm
Weds 23rd May – Fri 25th May Forest of Dean residential trip
Friday 25th May Last day of half term
Tuesday 5th June Children back in school
Friday 29th  June Children’s reports published for parents
Week commencing 2nd July Parents invited to French Café experience, class by class. After lunch each day
Tuesday 3rd July and Wednesday 4th July Summer performances by Years 3 and 4
Wednesday 11th July Sports Day followed by picnic on field 9.15am – 12.50pm
Wednesday 18th July School Eucharist – Archdeacon Sue Groom 2.00pm
Monday 23rd July Parents’ welcome meetings for new academic year 5.00pm – 7.30pm
Monday 23rd July Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm
Tuesday 24th July Last day of term

Pupil Premium Funding If you are claiming certain benefits, the school will receive £1320 for your child. This money will be used for various support programmes throughout the school for all children. Your child will also benefit directly as some of the funding will be used to subsidise or pay completely for school trips, music lessons and other additional school costs for your child. All of this work is done in the strictest confidence.

Please do check and if you think you are eligible, complete the form (which is available from the school office) so that we can process the claim for the funding.  The benefits which attract the funding are:

  • Income support,
  • Income based Job Seekers Allowance,
  • Income related Employment and support Allowance,
  • Support under Part IV of the Immigration and Asylum act 1999 (NASS),
  • the guarantee element of State Pension Credit,
  • Child Tax Credit (you must NOT be entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income as assessed by HM Revenue and Customs that does not exceed £16,190),
  • Working Tax Credit “Run On”.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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