Newsletter 14 – 21st December 2012

Dear Parents

All of us at Holy Trinity wish you, your families and communities a very happy and blessed Christmas.         

We return to school on Monday 7th January.  

Christmas plays and other events The children were as wonderful as ever in their plays this year – their confident acting and beautiful singing were a joy, delivering the message of Christmas very movingly. We are so proud of them. I would also like to thank all those involved in making sure that these performances were great fun for children and their audience. I particularly want to thank all the teachers and TAs who worked so hard through this term on the plays,Ruth Edwards and Mrs Wilding who accompanied the performances, Mrs Heath for her outstanding bellringing concert, Mrs Gibbons who organised the backdrops and props and Mr Amor and Mr Gyllenspetz who did such a great job of writing the KS2 play. Thanks also to Mrs Yates and Mrs Edwards who carried out the complex organisation of the tickets and other aspects of administration for the end of term. Thank you to Ms Sharman and her band of volunteers who ran the crèche during the Christmas plays and to Preschool for letting us use their building for this purpose. Thanks to Mr Amor and Mr Gyllenspetz who organised and ran the party games on Thursday – exhausting but fun – and to all the staff who supported the Christmas party so enthusiastically .

PFA  and School Celebrations Our heartfelt thanks go to our wonderful PFA for their immense efforts over this exciting term. They have provided refreshments for the matinee performances of our plays, decorated the school (and taken the decorations down again), organised a fantastic Christmas party with Santa who brought a gift for each child, organised party food and party prizes, arranged the disco, arranged the magic show and involved a great number of volunteers to their cause. A great start to the new team and we are very grateful for all they do for our children.

Free School Meals A reminder to parents that if you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be eligible for Free School Meals. Forms are available from the office to complete and send off and you will be informed by the authorities whether you are eligible or not. The information is treated in the strictest confidence.  The school receives a pupil premium (currently just over £600 per year) for each child registered for free school meals. In our school, this money is usually spent on providing extra teaching assistant hours and resources to support all those children who need extra help to achieve well academically (this is not just limited to those children who take free school meals – indeed, in this school, many of our children on free school meals do not need extra help as they do very well academically so other children benefit from the pupil premium). On occasion, we might also help subsidise the cost of school trips or activities for children on free school meals. You do not have to claim school meals unless you wish to, but do register if you are eligible since the extra money will benefit everyone in the school. 

Congratulations We have received a message of congratulations from the Director of Education in Salisbury Diocese on our outstanding performance in this year’s league tables – coming third in the very important measure of Value Added. 

Recorder Concert Our talented young musicians entertained us to a lovely concert of recorder music on Tuesday – thank you for a great event.

Wake and Shake Thank you to all the parents and other adults who take part so willingly and enthusiastically in the Wake and Shake routines in the mornings. The Year 6 children put a lot of work into choreographing and preparing these routines and they are delighted when adults as well as children participate. It is also fun for the children to see adults enjoying the session and it is a great example on starting the day by getting a bit of exercise. We notice increasingly that many children have less and less stamina these days – it is particularly noticeable in the swimming pool – and we are keen to help children move around more and gain fitness, strength and agility. If you are not taking part in Wake and Shake, please stand at the back so that children have a clearer view of the Year 6 children in front.

Slippery Paths The paths up onto the field are very slippery and treacherous. Please walk up on the grass rather than the path and take great care in the wet weather. We are working towards having the path replaced and steps put in to lead onto the field but the process of organising and finding funding for this is long and complex.

Cold Weather This school will almost certainly stay open whatever the weather. If you think there may be snow, please send your child in with wellies otherwise they will not be allowed to go out and play in the snow. Warm clothes are essential at this time of year – do mark everything with your child’s name. Should we close the school, you will be notified by text message, a message will be on the website and we will alert the local radio stations. However, do expect the school to be open.

Sports Stars Holiday Club To help parents plan their holidays, the dates for the holiday club “Sports Stars” which runs on the school property are as follows:

Monday 11th February – Friday 15th February

Monday 25th March – Thursday 2nd March

Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August

Monday 12th August – Friday 16th August

Serving plates and cake tins Many of these are still in school after parents kindly sent in donations for the Christmas party. Do come in and pick up your tins and trays.  If you have inadvertently picked up someone else’s platter or dish, please bring it back into school. One family is missing a silver (metal) serving platter which we cannot find anyway in school.

Children’s Christmas Workshop… Come and have fun making a Christingle and other festive items on Saturday 22nd December from 10-12 noon in Erlestoke Church. Items will be put on display ready for the Carol Service on Sunday 23rd @ 6.30pm. All are welcome but children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


Christmas Party  A huge festive ‘thank you’ to all the parents who contributed food for the children’s Christmas Party.  The children had a wonderful time and were very well catered for with lovely sandwiches and beautifully prepared cakes.  Without your help this fun day would not happen!  Thanks to all the staff for helping and then joining in the fun party games, organised by Mr A and Mr G! Have a very Merry Christmas from the PFA.

100 Club  Please note that the 100 Club has been temporarily suspended and all cheques and cash will be returned to you by Louise Lazarus, 100 club organiser.  Thank you to Louise who has run the club for several years and done a great job.  At present, there are not enough members to make this fund-raiser viable at this stage and the PFA hope to resume it in the next school calendar year (Sept 2013).

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

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