Newsletter 13 – 2nd December 2016


Dear Parents

Christmas Plays Every family should now have tickets for the performances in the last week of term. Please be aware that every single person attending MUST have their own ticket so that we can be sure that we comply with fire regulations. This means that even babies sitting on laps or siblings from the other performance must have their own ticket to attend. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow people in without tickets.

We welcome younger siblings but do ask that they are completely quiet during the performances since the children who are performing have soft voices and a noisy toddler can disrupt the performance for everyone. If you do bring a younger child, please sit near the door so that you can remove them quickly if they become noisy.

If you are not using any of your tickets, please do return them to the office so that we can re-distribute them. There are a few spares (though very few in KS1) so if you wish to apply for them, write a note into the office and we shall send out all the spares that we have.

Christmas Play Crèche I am delighted to say that our PFA have very kindly agreed to run a crèche this year during and between the two performances on the evenings of Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th December. The crèche will run from 4.45pm – 6.15pm for KS2 children and from 6.15pm – 7.15pm for KS1 children. This provision is ONLY for children who are currently in our school and are waiting whilst their older or younger sibling is in the other performance. Please note that you do need sign up in advance (using the slip on the bottom of this letter) – please do not just turn up on the night. For safety reasons we must have a list of all the children who are going to attend. Please hand slips into reception by Friday 9th December at the latest.

There is a £1 charge for each child for the evening which will include light refreshments. Parents will need to pick up, or arrange for someone else to pick up, their KS2 children from the Art Centre at about 6.15pm to deliver them to their classrooms in time for their performance. Similarly, KS1 parents need to drop their children off (or arrange for them to be dropped off) at the crèche after they have finished their performance. The crèche will be held in the Art Centre.

Bedtime Story As ever, this was a wonderful event, with excited children from Stonehenge class coming back to school in their pyjamas for a bed time story and hot chocolate. It is these experiences which add to the fun of school and engagement in all areas of learning. My thanks to Miss Nisbeck who organised it all, and Mrs Jane Gibbons who kindly came along to help.

Handbells and Community Carol Singing What a lovely evening this was! My thanks to our wonderful Handbell ringers and to Mrs Heath who organised the whole event. Thanks also to Mrs Wilding who accompanied the carols and the PFA (in the person of Gemma Ackerman) who provided refreshments.

Holiday Club We are pleased to be able to offer our options for Holiday Clubs for this year. The continued offer of these clubs is dependent on the number of children attending – they are usually well attended and are very popular with the children. Both clubs are run by outside providers and your registration for the clubs will be through the provider rather than through the school. The dates are as follows:

Superstars (Sports) Holiday Club:

  • Monday 10th April – Thursday 13th April
  • Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July
  • Monday 7th August – Friday 11th August

Music Holiday Club – Mr Gundry

  • Monday 31st July – Thursday 3rd August

Sharing Assembly Next week’s Sharing Assembly will be all about music, with performances from our Year 3 choir, both Ukulele bands, some Brass instrument players and those children who take private recorder lessons with Mrs Jenkins on Fridays. Please come along and enjoy the performances of our young musicians.

Recent Charity Appeals We thank you all for your generosity in giving to our recent charitable appeals. The organisers have sent us lovely letters of thanks – and apparently we presented the largest donations for the Poppy Appeal in the area – an amount of £235.58! The Harvest Trussell Trust appeal brought in 218.8kg of non-perishable food for the Devizes Food Bank. In addition the children have filled our Sharing Pig with their extra pocket money and birthday money, reaching an amount of £73.85 which they wish to donate to the Nestling Trust that supports the poorest people in Nepal.  What a great achievement!

Library Books We are delighted that children are taking books out of the library to read at home – this is just what we want! However, we do need the books to be returned when they have finished with them. We do not run a punitive regime in the library and rely on children being responsible enough to remember to bring books in – but we have lost a huge number of books this year and it will cost us thousands of pounds to replace them. We ask that you have a look through all your children’s books over the Christmas holidays and find those with the school stamp in the front and return them. (No judgement will be made if you return a large number and we shall just be delighted to welcome them back!) If you have any books that are in good condition and are suitable for the school library, we would welcome those as donations as well. We particularly need good fiction books by well-known and well-loved children’s authors.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Monday 12th December Christmas play 10.00 am KS1,  1.30 pm KS2
Tuesday 13th December Christmas play 5.00pm KS1, 6.30pm KS2
Tuesday 13th December Sarum Class: Sewing with parents and Year 3 choir performance at 2.30pm 1.30pm – 3pm
Wednesday 14th December Christmas play 5.00pm KS1, 6.30pm KS2
Thursday 15th December Church Service – all welcome 9.30am – 10.00am
Friday 16th December Last day of term
Tuesday 3rd January Children back to school

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


The Christmas Fayre is literally around the corner – join us in the Pavilion next Friday (December 9) from 3pm! Excitement for the event rippled through the playground last Friday as children donated a total of 71 ‘secret jars’, 90 chocolate bars and £76! (Wow, Thank-you!).

This week we’re appealing for unwanted teddy bears or soft toys in need of a new home – and cakes!

Bring your soft toys to reception from Monday (December 5) to be collected daily for the ‘Teddy Tombola’. On Friday morning we’ll have a table in the playground during drop-off to collect your cakes and treats to sell on the day. (Again, thank-you – and remember, no nuts)

 In other news, a reminder that textile recycling collection is this Monday morning (December 5). And thank-you to Gemma and her team for providing teas during the handbells concert earlier in the week.

Looking forward to the week ahead! From THE PFA TEAM


Request for a place in the crèche during the Christmas Play evening performances

Please book our child/children ………………………………………………………………………………………………..  into the crèche on

Tuesday 13th December         [ ]     Session 1 (4.45pm – 6.15pm KS2)   [ ]       Session 2 (6.15pm – 7.15pm KS1)   [ ]

Wednesday 14th December   [ ]     Session 1 (4.45pm – 6.15pm KS2)   [ ]       Session 2 (6.15pm – 7.15pm KS1)   [ ]

Emergency Contact Number: ……………………………………………………………………………………….

Parent/carer’s name: ………………………………………    Signature: ………………………………………..

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