Newsletter 13 – 14th December 2012

Dear Parents

League Tables We are very pleased that we have, once again, done very well in the externally marked SATS that our Year 6 children write each May.  We continue to achieve outcomes that are outstanding in all the academic areas that are judged by Ofsted. However, we are always just as delighted by the many other achievements of our children. They are kind, generous, honest people of great integrity, growing up to be thoughtful and responsible young citizens. We believe that these things are just as important as their outstanding academic achievements. Below is a summary of our school’s results reported for publication on the government website – more can be found on the following link: .

 Graph 2012 published

  All pupils Low attainers Middle attainers High attainers
Pupils eligible for KS2 assessment 19 Supp = too few to report    
Percentage achieving Level 3 or below in both English and mathematics 0% SUPP 0% 0%
Percentage achieving Level 4 or above in both English and mathematics 95% SUPP 100% 100%
Percentage achieving Level 5 or above in both English and mathematics 63% SUPP 50% 100%
% of pupils achieving 2+ levels of progress in English 100% SUPP 100% 100%
% of pupils achieving 2+ levels of progress in maths 100% SUPP 100% 100%
Average point score 31.6      

Value Added measures

  Measure Lower CI Upper CI Coverage ie KS1 data Available
KS1-2 Value Added Score 102.2 101.2 103.3 84%
English value added measure 101.3 100.2 102.4 84%
Maths value added measure 103.0 101.7 104.2 84%


Important dates this term (KS1 includes all Foundation stage children and those in Year 1 and 2)

Monday 17th December           Christmas Play                   KS1                            10.00am                                                                                                                                                            KS2                              1.30pm

Tuesday 18th December          Christmas Play                   KS1                              5.00pm                                                                                                                                                      KS2                                    6.30pm

Wednesday 19th December       Christmas Play                  KS1                              5.00pm                                                                                                                                                            KS2                              6.30pm

Tuesday 18th December                  Recorder Concert –all welcome                   10.45am

Thursday 20th December                Christmas Party – fun food, lots of games and a special visitor!

Friday 21st December (Last day)                Christmas Dinner and Magic show

Monday 7th January                                       Return to school


Children must arrive 30 minutes before the start time for their Christmas play to prepare for their roles.


Sports Stars Holiday Club To help parents plan their holidays, the dates for the holiday club “Sports Stars” which runs on the school property are as follows:

Monday 11th February – Friday 15th February

Monday 25th March – Thursday 28th March

Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August

Monday 12th August – Friday 16th August

Hockey tournament We are very proud of our hockey teams who won the cluster primary hockey tournament on Saturday at Dauntsey’s! It is good to see our name on the trophy once again. Thanks to Mr Amor and the parents who supported our team, and thanks to Dauntsey’s for organising this event.

Bedtime Stories Thanks to Mrs Abbott and Miss Nisbeck who hosted a story and cocoa evening for our youngest children last Friday – everyone came back to school in their pyjamas. We do encourage parents to share bedtime stories with their children – all the way up to year 6, using age appropriate books. It is a proven fact that children who are read to even as they get older, write better and read better.  

White Horse Parents Day Parents of children in White Horse classroom came into school today to share a lovely afternoon with their children at the specially arranged White Horse restaurant. Parents had food prepared by their children, presented on tableware made by their children on the theme of Lighthouses.  My thanks to Mrs Mehaffy and Mrs Cook and their helpers who have worked so hard with the children to ensure that this was a great event. We always welcome parents to come into school to share their children’s learning.

Carol Service Thank you to all who attended our Carol Service at St Peter’s Church. It was a chilly but beautiful walk to and from the church, and short, lovely service conducted by Rev James Campbell on Thursday afternoon. It was very special to see so many of our parents at the church as well. As ever on these events, we were very proud of how beautifully our children behaved, cared for each other and had fun.

School Council The children who are councillors representing the views of their peers from each class met with me during the week to talk about which values particularly epitomise our wonderful school. Not only did they have great ideas to share from their classes, but they spoke with great maturity and wisdom about why certain values really shine through our school and make it the extraordinary place that it is.

Children’s Movie Night… Come and enjoy food, film and fun with friends, on Friday 14th December from 6-8pm in Erlestoke Church. All are welcome but children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. A light supper and pudding will be provided; donations of £1 for food are gratefully accepted.

Best wishes, Mercedes Henning


Next week is the busy one, so please make sure you have signed up for a food plate to bring in on Thursday 20th December. The sign-up sheets are on the class room doors, so please help the kids have a great party by providing some food.  If you can’t get in to sign up for something, ask a friend to sign up for you, or contact Jacqui Hart on 0794 4479178 and I will sign you up and let you know what for.  We know this is a busy time and a costly one, but by sharing the burden we can spend the PFA money where it’s really needed and give the kids a great party.

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