Newsletter 12 – 7th December 2012

Dear Parents

Parents’ AGM

Our school has just filed its formal year end accounts for our first full year as an Academy. At the Full Governors meeting on Tuesday Dec 4th we reviewed our progress since transition to Academy. I would like to share this review with parents and invite you all to join governors in the school hall on January 14th at 7pm. We’ll look back over the last year and then take the chance to look forward to years to come. We’ll be seeking a conversation about any thoughts or ideas you might have as to how we continue to enhance the school to further improve outcomes for the children.

Meanwhile I’d like to take this chance, on behalf of all the governors, to thank you for all that you put in that contributes towards making Holy Trinity such a warm and successful place and we’d like to wish you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Diane Gilpin, Chair of Governors.


Important dates this term (KS1 includes all Foundation stage children and those in Year 1 and 2)

Thursday 13th December                        Carol Service at St Peter’s Great Cheverell (All welcome)                                                                                                1.30pm

Monday 17th December                                                 Christmas Play                  

 KS1                            10.00am                         KS2                              1.30pm

Tuesday 18th December                                                 Christmas Play                  

KS1                              5.00pm                         KS2                                    6.30pm

Wednesday 19th December                                             Christmas Play                                                                 KS1                             5.00pm                          KS2                                    6.30pm

Tuesday 18th December                   Recorder Concert –all welcome                   10.45am

Thursday 20th December                               Christmas Party – fun food, lots of games and a special visitor!

Friday 21st December (Last day)                Christmas Dinner and Magic show

Children must arrive 30 minutes before the start time for their play to prepare for their roles.

Christmas play – Please book your tickets if you have not yet sent in your requests! If you require extra tickets, we are now allocating these – put your requests in as soon as possible as there are some spare tickets. Those who have already asked for extra tickets will get them today.  Please be aware that every person must have a ticket – even babies and young children – so that we can comply with fire regulations.

Also about the Christmas Plays – Whilst the school does not officially provide a “crèche” for children who are waiting for a sibling to finish performing in their Christmas play, Ms Sharman has very kindly offered to take care of these children as a service to the families involved. The crèche will only be open to Holy Trinity children (no younger or older siblings). During the KS1 play, she will supervise the KS2 children and vice versa.  Please complete the form below if you require this facility. In order for the crèche to run, we do need a few extra helpers. If you are able to help with either night for an hour or so, please contact Ms Sharman or the office. Without extra support, the crèche will not be able to run.

Letters to Santa Stonehenge class walked to the post office on Wednesday to post their letters to Santa – letters which were beautifully written! It was fun to have the children from the Old School Nursery singing their “Posting a Christmas card” song to us as we went past.

Bedtime Stories Children in Stonehenge class are invited back to school tonight at 6.00pm in their pyjamas to have a story and a cup of cocoa. Please be prompt at picking them up at 7.00pm as everyone will be tired by the end. If you wish to stay at the school for this hour, there will be tea available in the shared area (outside the hall) and you can have a look at your child’s “learning Journey” book while you wait. 

White Horse Parents Day Parents of children in White Horse classroom are invited to come into school on Friday 14th December at 1.15pm to enjoy some beautifully prepared food and to celebrate work on the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  This has been a great topic and we do encourage you to come along and see your child’s work.

Dress Warmly It is bitterly cold up on our school field at the moment – please ensure that your child has a warm coat, scarf and gloves since the children will be playing outside in the cold. Please make sure all items have your child’s name on them.

Sharing Assembly All parents are invited to our celebration assembly on Fridays at 2.15pm. A few children from each class share some of the work that they have done through the week at this event, and it is interesting for parents to see the range and progression of work through the whole school.  This is not a rehearsed show for parents, but a school celebration of some of our work.  As a bonus, you might, by chance, see your own child “sharing” their work occasionally – every child will “share” something at some point in the year.  

Disco Thank you to the PFA for a very successful and very well organised disco last Friday night. Thank you also to Mrs Abbott and Miss Nisbeck who gave up their Friday evening to help with supervision.

KS1 multisport club A flyer from the club “Go-active” has been sent out with regard to this new KS1 sports club.  


Policies  I like to present a very short summary of some of our policies in this newsletter. This week we will look at the Freedom of Information policy. Our school undertakes to provide advice and assistance to anyone requesting information. We will respond to straightforward verbal requests for information, and will help enquirers to put more complex verbal requests into writing so that they can be handled under the Act. We will tell enquirers whether or not we hold the information they are requesting, and, providing we are compliant with the Data Protection Act, we will provide access to the information we hold in accordance with the procedures laid down. Parents have a right to access all information held by the school on their own child, but have no right to access information about anyone else’s child or any staff member except what is legally required to be in the public domain.

Pavilion Event A film “The Pirates” will be shown in the Pavilion tonight  Friday 7th December – this is a rollicking family show and the committee would like to invite families to attend wearing (if you wish) your best pirate fancy dress. Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. There will be refreshments, soft drinks and a bar. Entry is £5 per person at the door. 

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning


Christmas Play Crèche


I/we would like to ask for a crèche space for my child/ren……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… (Names and Key stage)

We would require the facility on (tick as required)

Tuesday 18th December               4.50pm – 6.00pm   [ ]       Tuesday 18th December 6.20pm – 7.30pm   [ ]

Wednesday 19th December        4.50pm – 6.00pm   [ ]       Tuesday 18th December 6.20pm – 7.30pm   [ ]


I am able to offer my services as a helper on……………………………………………………………………… (Date and time)


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