Newsletter 12 – 4th December 2020

Dear Parents

Our new Headteacher! We are delighted to announce that our Governors have appointed the new Headteacher to lead our beloved school from September 2021. She is Mrs Anna Woodman, an experienced, kind and wonderful leader who is committed to excellent education for everyone, and is a powerful supporter of the values-driven education that is the foundation of all we do at Holy Trinity. Mrs Woodman understands the importance of caring for each individual with great compassion, of being aspirational, of facing challenges with courage and of helping everyone in school to be joyful. We are all very much looking forward to working with her through this year to ensure a smooth transition, and to having an energising, amazing new chapter for our school opening in September 2021. I know you will all join me in welcoming her to our wonderful community most warmly.   

As the current Headteacher, I can truthfully say that I am absolutely delighted with this appointment and I know that this school, which means so much to me, will be well led into the future by Mrs Woodman. I can hand over the reins in September with a joyful heart, knowing that all my much-loved children and staff will continue to flourish and thrive under her leadership. 

From Mrs Woodman:

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled and honoured to be joining the school community as your new Headteacher in September 2021 and bring a deep passion for education and love of learning. 

These are incredibly exciting times ahead. To lead and develop the ambitions of Holy Trinity School community, building on the excellent teaching and learning within a warm, welcoming and vibrant school in which children grow into people of compassion, courage, aspiration and joy.  

The future I champion for Holy Trinity School is an all-encompassing education rooted in Christian values, promoting scholarship, academic learning, and dedicated to the development of character through outstanding pastoral care, sport, creativity, performance and adventure to prepare our children for their next stage of learning in a contemporary world. From my experience of cross phase school leadership, a happy and successful school is built on strong home/school partnerships so that all children thrive and can achieve their very best.

I very much look forward to working with Mrs Henning and the school community in the forthcoming months. We all want the highest standards of education for our children, believing in ‘nothing but the best for our children and nothing but the best from them.’ 

I look forward very much to meeting you all.

Stay safe and take care,

Best wishes,

Anna Woodman

Night time walks Both Stonehenge class and Sarum class came back to school at night time last week, to enjoy a walk around the field, to look at the night sky and to have hot chocolate. They all had a great time – it is very exciting to come back to school in the dark! We are very grateful to our teachers who give so freely of their time to ensure our children have a really rich and wonderful experience at school.  

Performances On Monday 7th December at 2.00pm (next Monday), parents of children in White Horse class are invited to come and stand in the field next to the Pavilion, keeping 2m distance between households, to watch their children perform their Christmas Performance Poetry concert. The children have had fun making headdresses and other props and learning the poems so that they can perform them beautifully and they are looking forward to sharing this with you. They are brilliant entertainers! Please note, only parents and carers may attend as we have to keep numbers low enough to allow for good social distancing whilst still being able to see and hear what is going on.

Then on Thursday 10th December at 9.15am, the children in Stonehenge Class will perform the nativity play outside at the Pavilion and parents and carers can come and watch from the field, socially distanced.  It is a delightful performance and you will really enjoy it.  Again, only parents/carers please. It is very important that we keep our distance at these events so that no one gets ill.

Farm visit to the school Our children will get to meet some farm animals next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, and will find out more about animal husbandry and other aspects of farming. We are very grateful, as ever, for the generous donations which make these events possible for our children.

Keep children safe It has come to our attention that there are children in our school who are accessing their electronic devices without parental supervision. They are searching for You Tube videos which are harmless but the algorithm on You Tube will then feed other (apparently similar) videos to the children. We have been told that these following videos can be unimaginably horrifying. Children do not wish to let their parents know because they do not want their freedom or devices removed, and so are dealing with the horror on their own. Children are also tempted to send unkind messages to each other online if they are not supervised – they do not fully understand the impact this can have on other children.

We cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is that parents consistently supervise their children’s internet use. No primary school child should have an iPad, phone, laptop or any other device that connects to the internet in their bedroom. They should have time limited access to the internet – apps are available that will ensure that your child’s device switches off after half an hour and cannot be accessed after 7.00pm or whatever you choose. We are very concerned about children who are being exposed to things that are entirely unsuitable and often horrifying. They are also open to being groomed for later abuse or bullied through apparently innocent games online. These things, of course, are life threatening. Please make sure you are supervising your child carefully when they are online. They do not know enough to keep themselves safe. It is the job of their parents to ensure they are safe.

Winter is here Please be aware of the poor light conditions at this time of year if your child is walking or cycling home in the evenings – they will need high visibility jackets to keep them safe if they are on the roads. In the event of snow, we do allow children to sledge down “Sledge Hill” onto the playground under adult supervision. If you would like your child to be part of this, you will need to have completed a permission slip. Most of you will have completed this when you started here at Holy Trinity.

Collective Worship This week, we continued with our reflections on Christmas, considering what the meaning is of this great festival for Christians and for others. We thought about the star and how it guided people in the story of the nativity. This opened up a discussion on what or whom we might choose to be our guide, and how we can make sure that we protect our mental health by remembering the ten habits for good mental health.  We also discussed how Mary faced her difficulties with courage, compassion and joy, as we also should.

Thank you! Miss Nisbeck thanks the parent who so kindly arranged for an order of brand new pants and tights to be sent to the school, and to those parents who sent in donations of tights and leggings for our early year’s classroom.

Wrap Around Care Children are really loving their time in our Wrap Around Care and I am hugely grateful to all the staff who have thrown themselves into making sure it is such fun for the children. A special thanks to Mrs Roberts-Phare who leads the provision and has amazing and creative projects lined up for every afternoon and to Mrs Edwards and Mrs Yates who manage the admin around this.

We are making a significant financial loss on the provision at the moment, and the administration of the provision is costing us many hours of admin time. To try to reduce the financial and administrative burden, we ask that, if you do book a session, it is paid for in advance and that you aim not to change that booking.  Payments are non-refundable since we will have arranged the staffing and resources for that session in advance and cannot afford to lose any more money on the session, or add to the administrative burden by having constantly changing patterns of attendance.  We are sorry for the inflexibility about this, but until the setting is more self-sustaining, we are going to have to do everything we can to reduce the load on the school. We have no plans to close the provision – we are determined to keep it going! But we have to try to make it work more efficiently.

If you wish to register for a place, (most sessions still have capacity) please contact the office or go onto our website under “Information for Parents” where there is a tab for Wrap Around Care. The forms that need to be completed are on that page.

Primary School Applications If your child will be turning 5 years old sometime between 1 September 2021 and 31st August 2022, you will need to apply for a primary school place for them by 15th January 2021. Parents can apply using the online system, which is available through or by calling 01225 713010 and a paper copy will be sent out).

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events will be available on the website at www. in the coming week)
Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December Farm animal visit Have your wet weather gear – this will go ahead in the rain if necessary
Monday 7th and Thursday 10th December Performances by White Horse class and Stonehenge class respectively. Outdoors, socially distanced. Bring umbrellas. Limited to parents and carers only.
Friday 18th December Last day of term School Christmas dinner to be ordered from Lataca Science Boffin workshop event
Tuesday 5th January Everyone back to school (Monday 4th January is a TD day)
Friday 12th February Last day of half term  
Monday 22nd February Everyone back at school  
Thursday 1st April Last day of term  
Monday 19th April Everyone back to school  

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

PFA News

Christmas Jumper Day

Next Friday 11th December, all children, staff (and parents!) are invited to wear a Christmas jumper in aid of Julia’s House Children’s charity. If you don’t have a Christmas jumper, please don’t worry- anything festive or red and green will still look fabulous. 

The PFA will collect donations in our containers to send to Julia’s house at morning drop-off next Friday. We have a suggested donation of £1. If you’d prefer to donate online, please use the reference “Julia’s House” and ensure any donation is made by next Friday so that we can send the amount over to them in full. 

Guess how many snowmen in the jar 

The PFA has decided to trial our first on-line fundraiser, and hopefully have some fun along the way. It is a ‘facebook’ only competition and it’s all new to us so please be patient!

Guess how many snowmen are in the jar – To take part join our Holy Trinity Great Cheverell PFA facebook page and take a look at the photos and video for some clues.  Pop your guess in the comments and please bring your 50p to school to put in the donation bucket on Wednesday 9th December (Next week).

First person to guess the correct amount will win the jar.

There will be a small chocolatey prize for any further correct guesses.

Competition ends Monday 7th December

Money collected on Wednesday 9th December

Winner will be announced on Thursday 10th December.

Prize will be given on the day of the class Christmas party as this will mean it has been quarantined by school before being handled.

Please feel free to pay online if you’d prefer (reference: Competition) and please have a free guess if you’ve already donated (above and beyond what we’ve asked for) already this term.

This competition is not in any way connected to or endorsed by Facebook.

Happy guessing!

Christmas Cards and Christmas gifts for the children

The Christmas cards which the children designed and the Christmas gifts have been handed out to the children today.

Many thanks

Your PFA

To contact the PFA:    Email:

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