Newsletter 12 – 2nd December 2012

Dear Parents

Creche facilities during Christmas play performances – I am very grateful to Ms Sharman and Mrs Melville who have stepped forward and offered to run a crèche facility for those Holy Trinity children who do not have a ticket for one or other of the evening Christmas performances and whose parents will be at the performances (I am sorry that we cannot offer the service for younger children who are not yet in our school). The crèche will run from about 5.55pm to 6.45 and then from 7.15 to 8.00pm.  It is essential that children are picked up very promptly after the performances. A note went home about this on Wednesday – please return the slip in order to book a place in the crèche. My very sincere thanks to Ms Sharman and Mrs Melville who have volunteered to offer this service.

Extra Tickets for Christmas Performances I am sorry to say that we have had hardly any tickets handed back to school for redistribution and about 46 extra ticket requests. Please do make use of the day time performances for extra people who would like to attend.

New Music Club We have been overwhelmed by the response to this club – and Mr Gundry is going to run the club twice, on a Friday and also on a Tuesday. The first twenty children will be able to attend the Friday session and the remainder will be offered the Tuesday session. If you are unable to attend the Tuesday or if you would prefer one day over the other, please let us know.

Christmas Concert dates and times:

Monday 12th December and Tuesday 13th December:  KS1 play at 10.30am, KS2 play at 1.30pm

Wednesday 14th December: KS1 play at 6.00pm – 6.40pm, to arrive at school at 5.30.

KS2 play at 7.15pm – 8.00pm, to arrive at school at 6.45pm.

Carol Service Our school Carol Service will be held at St Peter’s in Great Cheverell as usual at 1.30pm on Wednesday 7th December. Parents and friends are most welcome to join us for this event. We will start from the school at about 1.10pm and always welcome extra adults to walk with us.

Primary Places A reminder to parents of children who are due to start school in September 2012 need to apply for a place by 15th January 2012. Applications are made to the County offices and can be completed online or we have forms available from the office.

Industrial Action My thanks to all our staff, every one of whom turned out on Wednesday for work as usual. Their commitment to our children is one of the main reasons we are such an outstanding school. 

Recorder Concert This will be held on Wednesday 14th December at 10.45 am. Do come along and enjoy watching our young musicians perform. 

Taking photographs at school events Whilst parents are permitted to photograph their children at school events, should any of these photos include the image of someone else’s child (which is very likely to happen), this image may not be posted or transmitted electronically or online in any format or forum whatsoever (including e-mail, Facebook or similar, family webpage, mobile phone etc), except with the prior written permission of the parents of the other child/ren. No image of any child should be available online or electronically unless the parents have specifically permitted this. We will be asking parents to sign a form to say that they will abide by this condition of taking photos, in order to protect images of our children from being tampered with online. Please sign this form (accompanying this newsletter) and return it to school as soon as possible and by Friday 9th December at the latest.

Christmas Party Our wonderful Christmas party will be held on Thursday 15th December. Children can wear “party” clothes rather than their uniform, but the clothing must be warm and sensible, since the children will be playing outside as usual. Please ensure particularly that their shoes are suitable for running and clambering – we don’t want any injuries just before Christmas. You need not provide lunch for your child on this day since the PFA will supply a range of party food including sandwiches, carrot and cucumber sticks, tomatoes, sausages and so on, and then they will offer some biscuits and sweets for pudding.  Please let us know if there are any special requirements for food. After lunch, the children will come together into the hall to play party games such as Pass the Parcel and the famous Card Game! Then they will return to their classrooms to await a special visitor who might just have a gift for each child.   

Holiday consultation Wiltshire Council has asked us to publicise their consultation on school holidays for 2013/2014. The consultation can be found through their website, at .

Christ in Christmas Devizes Deanery is presenting a Bite Size Learning opportunity here at the school on Wednesday 7th December at 7.30pm, on the theme of “Christ in Christmas”. The session is free and refreshments will be provided. Becky Sedgewick will be leading the session. Do come along and enjoy the fellowship and learning.

                                                                       PFA News

Christmas Fayre Many thanks to everyone who supported the Christmas Fayre, especially Jane Gibbons with her creative talent. We hope you all agree that it was a huge success!

Christmas Party Thursday 15th December We shall be sending letters home next week requesting items of food to be contributed to the party.

Best wishes

M Henning

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