Newsletter 11 – 30th November 2012

Newsletter 11 – 30th November 2012

Dear Parents

Flamenco Dance Our thanks to Mrs Newmark who held workshops for each class on Flamenco dance , with reference to Salvador Dali, on Tuesday. We had a great time and enjoyed the music and trying to get to grips with the tricky rhythms. There are photos on our website of this and various other recent school events. Do go and have a look under the “Photo gallery” tab.

Oxenwood Meeting This meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday 5th December at 5.00pm having been cancelled due to the weather this week. Please come along if your child is in Year 3 or Year 4 – we will be giving out information about the May residential trip to Oxenwood at this meeting.

Christmas play – Please book your tickets if you have not yet sent in your requests! We will send out the “spares” on Friday of next week. Whilst the school does not officially provide a “Crèche” for children who are waiting for a sibling to finish performing in their play, Ms Sharman has very kindly offered to take care of these children as a service to the families involved. The Crèche will only be open to Holy Trinity children (no younger or older siblings) and will be for those families who have children in different phases (both KS1 and KS2) in the school and would find it difficult to attend both plays or to bring their children to perform in the plays without this facility. During the KS1 play, she will supervise the KS2 children and vice versa.  In next week’s newsletter, we will ask parents to let us know that they will be using the facility so that Ms Sharman can make arrangements for the numbers. In order for the Crèche to run, we do need a few extra helpers. If you are able to help with either night for an hour or so, please contact Ms Sharman or the office.

Parental Canvassing The results of our recent parental canvassing accompany this newsletter. My thanks to you all for your responses. We never allow ourselves to become complacent and are constantly looking for ways to improve our provision – knowing what you like about the school and what you would like to see improved helps us with our forward planning. Once again, the issue of extra-curricular clubs showed the lowest parental satisfaction of the areas canvassed (85%). We shall continue to work on improving this – and shall try to provide something more for our youngest children. Clubs will only run if there are sufficient numbers to support them which is why some clubs end up closing.

Parking The Parish Council of Great Cheverell very kindly allows our parents to park in the Pavilion car park. However, parents are now parking on the playing field instead of the car park, churning it up and destroying the surface. We ask parents to make sure that no one parks on the field or turns on the field. If we continue to wreck the playing field, the Parish Council might well decide that there is no other option but to close off the whole area from our parents, and we will not be allowed into the car park either. Parents will then have to park further down in the village and walk up to the school. From now on, registration numbers of cars parking on the field will be recorded so that we have some accountability. If you see someone parking on the field (or indeed, parking anywhere that is unsafe) please take the registration number and report it to me. I shall then pass this information on to the relevant authority.

KS1 multisport club In response to a few parental requests for more extra-curricular clubs for KS1 children, I am exploring the idea of a Multisports club for the younger children. They will be given the opportunity to play a variety of sports over the course of a term. The club will be run by the same providers who run our Street Surfing club for the older children and will cost about £48 a term. If you are interested in this club, please complete the slip below so that I can get some idea of numbers and whether we can start the club.

Slippery paths Please be aware that the paths on the field are very slippery at the moment – we are going to replace them as soon as we can arrange for the work to be done, but in the meantime, please walk on the grass rather than on the sloping paths to reach the field as the paths on the slope are particularly treacherous.

Photographs Please take the time to read the policy for taking photos at school events (accompanying this newsletter). At present, we do not ban cameras at school events but it is essential that NO photos are posted online, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Flickr, on the family website or on any other online site, if there is an image of someone else’s child visible in the photo (almost certainly the case if you have taken a photo at a school event).  If you do post a photo of someone else’s child online, you may be in breach of Data Protection legislation which is a serious offence. We also ask that if you do take photos, that you are sensitive to the other members of the audience and to the children themselves – please don’t get in the way, or be obtrusive. You may be asked to stop taking photos if this is interfering with the enjoyment of others.  

Swimming  Thursday 6th December is the last swimming session for this term.

White Horse Parents Day Parents of children in White Horse classroom are invited to come into school on Friday 14th December at 1.15pm to enjoy some food and celebrate work on the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  This has been a great topic and we do encourage you to come along and see your child’s work.

Clubs It was great to see, at Sharing assembly, some of the work completed by the drama club this term – we have some talented actors in our school! There is room for a few more children to join this club if you are interested, on Tuesday afternoons. There are also a few spaces for new ukulele players on Fridays after school.

Policies  I like to present a very short summary of some of our policies in this newsletter each year – please note that the full policies can be read on our website, or if they have not yet been published online, then you can request copies at the school office. This week we will look at the Complaints policy.  We always aim to resolve parental complaints amicably and informally wherever possible and usually we are successful in this. If, however, a complaint has not been settled satisfactorily, the complainant can write to the headteacher with a formal complaint, including details of all the issues. If the complaint is about the headteacher, then the letter must go to the Chair of Governors. A review of the complaint will then be carried out. If, at the end of this stage, the complainant is not satisfied with the process or procedure, or feels that the lead person in the case has acted perversely or unreasonably, they can request another review to be conducted by the governing body. The complainant is not entitled to access any details of the investigation except for any statements that may have been provided by their child.  Any information relating to the application of disciplinary procedures is strictly confidential. If a complainant believes that the Governing Body has acted illegally or arbitrarily in handling the complaint, then the complainant may make representations to the Secretary of State for Education and Skills. We very rarely have complaints raised to the level where our complaints policy is invoked and we always aim to keep the relationships between school and family warm and supportive since this enables the very best learning and outcomes for children.


*Autumn Disco* this evening!  Tickets are being sold on the door. KS1 starts at 6.00pm and KS2 at 7.15pm.  Please drop your child/children off at the school reception and if possible, have the correct ticket money ready (£2/child).

On Monday 3rd December, we are decorating the school for Christmas.  If over the weekend, you are getting your Christmas things down from the loft, and fancy passing any spare unwanted decorations onto school, please bring them in on Monday Dec 3rd at school drop off.  If you fancy helping out putting the school into Christmas mode, then please join in and get your creative juices flowing!!  We may also have 1, perhaps 2 spare christmas trees if anyone would like them as we have a generous benefactor who has donated a slightly larger more modern one for us this year!….Just ask at reception.  Ho Ho Ho!!!!

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning


KS1 Multisports Club

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