Newsletter 11 – 27th November 2020

Dear Parents

Asian Culture Awareness Day Kalpesh ensured that we all had an amazing day on Wednesday – a day of colour, brightness, laughter and fun. And we learnt a lot about Diwali and the Hindu faith as well. The highlight, though, was the Bollywood dancing with the Indian music, the energy and joy bringing a great sense of wellbeing throughout the school.  There are a few photos on our Facebook and school webpage if you would like to see something of the event. Our sincere thanks to our generous benefactors who have sent in donations to help us continue with the programmes of enrichment even though we have not suggested voluntary donations this term – we are very grateful for your thoughtfulness and support.

Stonehenge night time walk Tonight, children in Stonehenge class are invited to come back to school at 5.00pm for an hour to enjoy a walk around the field, to look at stars (as part of their topic) and then to have a cup of hot chocolate before going back home. Please be very prompt picking your children up – they and the teachers will be tired by the end. Please make sure they are dressed warmly. They do not need to be in school uniform.

On Tuesday 1st December, Sarum class have been invited back to school for a night time walk between 5.00pm and 6.00pm. Again, please be punctual with picking up at the end.

Wiltshire in Tier 2 As you will now know, Wiltshire has been put into Tier 2 for Covid restrictions. This means that all primary schools will continue to operate as usual, full time, for all pupils. You will notice no difference from the way we have been operating through this academic year.

We ask that you continue to adhere to the drop off and pick up times for your child’s Bubble. Where possible, please do not mix with children from other Bubbles outside of school either so that we can reduce the risk of spreading any infection. Sometimes this in unavoidable – children from the same family, or normal childcare arrangements will involve Bubble cross over, but we would like to limit this to essential reasons only to reduce the risk.  We thank you all for your huge efforts to keep our children safe from infection, and thus to protect vulnerable people in our community.

It’s cold in school! Please make sure your child is warmly dressed for school as the temperature starts to fall. We are keeping the heating on, but windows are open so classrooms are cool. We have to keep the ventilation as effective as possible since this is a very good way of diluting any virus in the air, and helping to prevent cross infection.

Performances Families of our youngest children have been invited to stand in the field over the road, at least 2 m apart from every other household, to watch a very short Christmas performance by the children. We ask that you limit those attending to parents/carers only so that we can manage the situation safely. There will be cones indicating the distancing. Please do not socialise with each other whilst you are there – this is not allowed under Tier 2 rules. You will need to bring umbrellas in case of rain and will be standing at a distance from the children who will be under the awning of the Pavilion veranda. White Horse parents and carers have been invited on Monday 7th December at 2.00pm and Stonehenge parents and carers on Thursday 10th December at 9.15am.

Church services Rather than the whole school church service that we usually have at Christmas time, we shall be taking our classes down to the church on their own for a class service over the coming weeks. Each class will add something to the nativity display board in the church, until the whole scene has been set. We are also taking part in a Christingle project with the local congregation – they are providing us with the packs for each child to make their own Christingle, so over the course of the next few weeks your child will bring one home. These remind children that Christians believe that Jesus is the light of the world. The Church of England’s Sunday Service on 13th December is going to be designated for Christingle. It will be streamed from the Church of England site or can be watched afterwards.

Collective Worship This week, we have started our reflections on Christmas, considering what the meaning is of this great festival for Christians and for others. We thought about the shepherds – poor and humble people who were given the good news first. Can we challenge prejudice? Do we treat rich people differently to poor? Would we challenge racism? And we thought about “No room at the inn” and what this means for our own view of hospitality, and on welcoming friends into our games and friendship groups.  

Gazette and Herald Our school is featured on Page 3 of the Gazette and Herald next week if you are interested. They wanted to publicise our work on multiculturalism and diversity in a rural school that is rather monocultural in demographic.

Spare clothing If you have spare tights and leggings for girls aged 4 – 6 years, we would be very grateful for them – as children have accidents, we change them into our own spare clothing and do not always get these items back. We are now very short of girls tights and leggings. If you could give them to Miss Nisbeck at the gate and we shall quarantine them carefully before introducing them into our system.

Wrap Around Care  We still have plenty of capacity in our Wrap Around Care provision. If you wish to register for a place, please contact the office or go onto our website under “Information for Parents” where there is a tab for Wrap Around Care. The forms that need to be completed are on that page.

Policies Each year at this time I like to summarise in the newsletter some of our most relevant policies and procedures, so that parents are familiar with them.This week, we will discuss briefly the Safeguarding and Child Protection policy. This is a disturbing subject because no one wants to think of any child living in an abusive situation, but it is something we have to face and something we have to combat so that every child can live in a safe and happy environment.  In our school we monitor the welfare of every child and if we are concerned that any child might be in danger of significant harm because of the actions of another person, or through neglect, we will contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) or the police and refer the case to them, following all the statutory requirements of the Child Protection protocols. This might involve sharing personal and sensitive information with the other agencies and, whilst we would usually have permission from parents to share this information, the overriding duty is to the care of the child, so the sharing must take place under these circumstances even if there is no parental permission. The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mercedes Henning, and the deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mr Amor, Mr Gyllenspetz, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Goddard. These adults are trained and have regular updates to ensure that they are able to deal with the issues that arise. Regular training about safeguarding takes place for all staff in school, and all our volunteers are given Safeguarding briefings and annual updates on child protection matters. We work closely with all the relevant agencies to help to ensure the best possible outcome for the children in our care. Every adult in school and, indeed, in the wider community, has a duty to make sure children are safe and that no child is living in an abusive situation or is neglected.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events will be available on the website at www. in the coming week)
Friday 27th November Stonehenge class night time walk 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Tuesday 1st December Sarum class night time walk 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December Farm animal visit Have your wet weather gear – this will go ahead in the rain if necessary
Monday 7th and Thursday 10th December Performances by White Horse class and Stonehenge class respectively. Outdoors, socially distanced. Bring umbrellas. Limited to parents and carers only.
Friday 18th December Last day of term School Christmas dinner to be ordered from Lataca Science Boffin workshop event
Tuesday 5th January Everyone back to school (Monday 4th January is a TD day)

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

PFA News

A big Thank You to all the people who have made recent donations to the PFA, either for non-uniform day or as a general donation. We are very grateful and will use some of the money to fund class Christmas parties.

The PFA bank details have been circulated on WhatsApp groups for those who would still like to donate – please use the reference “Christmas donation”.

Easy fundraising

With lots of Christmas shopping inevitably going online this year please consider signing up to Easy Fund Raising if you haven’t already, this has been an excellent source of funds in the past, and will be very important this year.
You simply do your shopping via the app and money gets donated to our PFA at no extra cost to you. Over 4,000 shops and sites are involved, including Amazon, John Lewis, M&S and notonthehighstreet.

It literally takes minutes to sign up and is really easy to use.

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