Newsletter 11 – 25th November 2011

Dear Parents

New Music Club I am delighted to announce that we will be starting a new music club, after school on Friday afternoons from 3.00pm – 4.00pm starting in January. Mr Gundry, a musician, will be running the club which will run for 6 weeks in the first instance. The cost of the club is £30 for those 6 sessions.  He comes with glowing references from several headteachers of my acquaintance. The club involves a variety of musical experiences, based on playing the ukulele. He will provide each child with a ukulele for use in the club and they will learn to play simple chords and sing along. They will also make instruments out of vegetables, play rhythm and other music games, and end with a performance for parents at the end of the 6 weeks. Please complete the form if you wish your child to join this club – we need at least 15 to make it worth his while to come out here. If we are oversubscribed (he can take a maximum of 20), we will offer places on a first come, first served basis. The club can be offered to children from age 6 and upwards.

Christmas Concert dates and times:

Monday 12th December and Tuesday 13th December:      

KS1 play at 10.30am, KS2 play at 1.30pm

Wednesday 14th December:                              

KS1 play at 6.00pm – 6.40pm, to arrive at school at 5.30.

KS2 play at 7.15pm – 8.00pm, to arrive at school at 6.45pm.

Please do not leave children here unaccompanied before or after the evening performances – there will be no crèche for older or younger siblings who are not performing.

Tickets have been issued for the Wednesday evening performance with this newsletter. We can only allow one ticket per family for KS2 and two tickets per family for KS1 in the first instance but you can put your name down for extra tickets in case some are returned to school. Please note that every single person who is in the hall for the evening performances MUST have a ticket – children/babies without tickets will NOT be allowed in to sit on parents’ laps since this creates an unacceptable fire evacuation risk with too many people in the hall. If you do not need your evening performance tickets, please return them to the office so that we can re-issue them.

No tickets will be issued for the daytime performances as there is always plenty of space for these – simply come along and feel free to bring along grandparents to these performances as well.

Industrial Action We expect to be able to keep the school open on Wednesday 30th November, the date set for strike action in the public sector. If we are not able to open because too many staff will be away, we will text you on the Tuesday, but at this stage is seems very likely that the school will open as usual.

Picking up children and the Christmas Fayre If your child usually takes the bus, and is not on the bus next Friday because you are at the Christmas Fayre, please make sure that you have notified the office about this. If your child is coming home on the bus on that day, please remind them that they must be waiting outside Avebury classroom at 2.50pm to be escorted onto the bus. It will be very busy and the teachers will find it very difficult to locate children if they are not waiting at the designated spot. The younger children, will, of course, be with an adult if their parents have not come to collect them.

Please make sure that you have signed your child out with the teacher when you pick them up. It is probably worth reminding your children that the usual school rules continue to apply to them whilst they are on school property, regardless of who has responsibility for them.   

Recorder Concert This will be held on Wednesday 14th December at 10.45 am. Do come along and enjoy watching our young musicians perform. 

Be Bright, Be Seen  As the days are getting shorter and darker, and children could be walking in poor light conditions, it is important that they wear something reflective at night or fluorescent in the day so that they can be seen by drivers. Children often think that they are visible to drivers when they are not. If they are riding bikes, by law they have to have a white front light and red rear light. It is especially important to wear reflective clothing when cycling in the dark.

Policies I like to present a very short summary of some of our policies in this newsletter each year. This week we will look, very briefly, at the Child Protection procedures. I am the child protection officer (now called the designated senior person) in school and have level 3 training. Mrs Mehaffy is the deputy child protection officer, also with Level 3 training and all the teachers have training to at least level 1. If anyone has concerns, they need to report these to one of us. Our child protection governor is MrsRuth Edwardswho has Level 3 training. All staff have induction training on these matters when they accept an appointment to our school, and this is repeated every year thereafter. The procedures for what to do if we are worried that a child is being abused are outlined in a flow chart that is on display in the staffroom, and there is also a flow chart for procedures if an allegation is made against a member of staff. These procedures include notifying social services and even the police if deemed necessary. All staff know the procedures and understand how to keep the children safe and how to protect themselves from malicious allegations. All adults who have regular involvement with our children are CRB checked, they sign in when they come into school and are given a tag. They are also given an induction which includes a child protection unit. Doors are kept locked from the outside (though of course, children are always able to unlock doors from inside using the snib locks, in case we need to evacuate the building).  Children know that they can talk to any adult in school about any concerns that they may have. It is worth pointing out that very few children are abused or hurt in schools. Most cases of abuse, sadly, happen in the home. Schools are usually very safe places to be with highest standards of care being maintained and checks and monitoring being very strictly adhered to.

                                                PFA News

Christmas Fayre

This is fast approaching, two weeks to go! Friday 2nd December starting at 1.30 until 3.15 pm in the School Hall. There will be something for every one, gifts to buy, cakes and biscuits, a raffle, lots of games, crafts for the children to make, a wine tombola, a teddy grotto, face painting and of course refreshments! Please do join us to make this a success!

We would like to ask for donations of raffle prizes, clean teddies and bottles of wine – any donations are very gratefully received. Please could we ask that you bring these in to school, THANK YOU!

Best wishes,

M Henning

Christmas Concert Tickets

If possible, I/we would like to have extra tickets for the Wednesday 14th December evening performance of the Christmas play.

KS1 Number of extra tickets: ………………………………….  KS2 Number of extra tickets: ………………………………….      


Name of child/ren………………………………………………………

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