Newsletter 11 – 18th November 2016

Dear Parents

Trowbridge Museum Trip All the children in Stonehenge class (FS/Y1) went on a trip to Trowbridge museum to find out more about toys from long ago. This was a really great trip, with the whole museum given over to our children, excellent workshops with lots of pupil participation, hands on activities and knowledgeable staff. On these trips, we are always amused at how largely the coach trip figures in the memories the children have of the day! But it was lovely to see them come back into school and chat about their learning that day, and ask to continue with some of the projects that they had started in the museum. My thanks to Miss Nisbeck and her team who worked so hard to make sure the children had a worthwhile and exciting experience. It is not easy to take so many very young children off site!

Eisteddfod Choir Our Eisteddfod choir has done very well, and won a trophy at the Devizes Eisteddfod. The choir was also asked to sing in one of the concerts that marks the end of the Eisteddfod – a great honour! We are very grateful to Ms Sharman and Mrs Edwards who do such tremendous work enhancing music in our school, and we are very proud of the children who work with such commitment to achieve this success.

Film night tonight! Please be prompt picking your children up at 7.00pm as they and the adults on duty will be tired by the end. My thanks to the PFA who do such a tremendous job of organising this event, and so many other things through the year.

Canvassing Parents Many thanks to all who completed the school canvassing forms on Parents’ evenings. Your views are very important to us and we take them into account when we are carrying out our strategic planning for the school. Whilst most of the aspects tested on the canvassing form showed very high parental satisfaction, we noticed that there was a little cluster of responses that seemed less than entirely satisfied with homework. Because no comments were added on this aspect, we would like to find out a bit more about your views on homework. Please complete the short response form at the bottom of this letter and send them in by Friday of next week so that we can see whether there are any adjustments that we can make to our homework protocols. Please make detailed comments so that we understand your point using a separate sheet of paper if necessary.

Homework has three main functions:

  • To rehearse concepts and skills taught at school such as reading, times tables and spelling.
  • To help parents have some insight into the work their children are doing at school, and how they approach it. Sometimes projects are specifically aimed at giving parents the chance to work with their children towards an outcome – something creative perhaps or something that requires research.
  • To help children gain the self-discipline required to settle down and do homework – an essential skill for secondary school and beyond.

Mr Gyllenspetz is carrying our further analysis of the canvassing responses and will report to parents and to governors on the outcome. It might be that there are further aspects about which we would like more information and we will ask for these through the newsletters in the coming weeks.

Your views and comments canvassed last year led us to initiate the Year 3/Year 4 summer performance (last year, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) which was such a success. The Stop and Drop initiative was triggered by parental suggestions and many other initiatives throughout the years have been triggered by parents making worthwhile suggestions that will enhance our children’s learning or safety.

Policies Each year at this time I like to summarise in the newsletter some of our most relevant policies and procedures, so that parents are familiar with them. This week, we will discuss briefly the Christian Ethos of our school.  Because of our Church School foundation, Christian values and Christian Ethos are at the very heart of our school life. The Christian ethos of our school is the single most important reason for the outstanding outcomes of our children in all areas, since it is through this ethos that we form the loving, supportive and aspirational team of adults and children which is at the heart of our wonderful school.  The ethos drives the aspiration, compassion, courage and joy that permeate through every aspect of our community.  The ethos ensures that each child is valued as unique and beloved individual.

The Christian teachings and values are embedded in every moment of every day, so that children develop a clear moral compass, a tolerance, respect and acceptance of others no matter what their viewpoint or background, a powerful aspiration to be the best that they can be and an understanding of their role in the community. They learn to make reparation for mistakes, to forgive and be forgiven. Through the open and respectful culture in our school, we expect children to consider philosophical issues and to develop their own philosophy, faith position and spirituality whatever form that takes.  And we try to live out the Christian values of our school, at every level and in every part of our school so that children thrive and do well in every way, taking the life and stories of Jesus as the route map for the work we do and the fun we have here at Holy Trinity.

Bedtime Story Children in Stonehenge class will be invited to come back to school on Friday 25th November from 5.00pm – 6.00pm to have a bedtime story and hot chocolate. This is always a great event, much enjoyed by the children. My thanks to the staff in Stonehenge class who have worked hard and given up their Friday evening to offer children this experience.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Friday 18th November Film Night 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Friday 25th November Bedtime Story event – Stonehenge class 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Monday 12th December Christmas play 10.00 am KS1,  1.00 pm KS2
Tuesday 13th December Christmas play 5.00pm KS1, 6.30pm KS2
Wednesday 14th December Christmas play 5.00pm KS1, 6.30pm KS2
Thursday 15th December Church Service – all welcome 9.30am – 10.00am
Friday 16th December Last day of term
Tuesday 3rd January Children back to school

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


A final reminder for Cinema Night – TONIGHT (November 18) – from 5-7pm!

Next Friday (November 25) is CASUAL CLOTHES DAY. Please bring a ‘secret jar’ on the day to contribute towards the Christmas Fayre. (Pop an age-appropriate surprise inside the jar and cover it with wrapping paper – Remember, NO NUTS) or if you prefer, bring a chocolate bar or £1 coin to donate instead, Thank-you!

And a big thank-you to all parents who have put their names down to help with forthcoming Festive Events. We’ll be contacting you shortly. If you haven’t been able to attend the recent meetings but would still like to help out, email Debi on We’d love to hear from you.


CASUAL CLOTHES DAY – Friday, November 25     CHRISTMAS FAYRE – Friday, December 9, straight after school

Have a good weekend, from Debi, Louise, Julie, Poppy, Jane and Gemma.    Debi’s Mobile: +44 (0) 7816887192     Skype: debi.bell          Email:             

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