Newsletter 10 – 21st November 2014

Dear Parents

SATS All primary schools are judged by the government through Ofsted on the quality of their provision, mainly through their performance in the end of key stage tests and other external assessments. The results of these assessments are compared with schools nationally to give the school, parents and the government an idea of how well the school is doing compared to the rest of the country. The national analysis and comparison of all schools has been published.

We are delighted to tell you that our school has once again done outstandingly well in this analysis.

A school’s achievement is based ultimately on both attainment of their children (the precise level they reached) and also the progress they made from their starting point (called “value added”) by the time they reach Year 6.  Our small cohort size means that the statistical analysis is not a very satisfactory way to judge our school since a single child doing better or worse than expected on the day can impact hugely on the whole school outcomes. Nevertheless, we are bound to use this system, and we do very well in it.

The progress measure shows that our school, overall, got 101.9 which puts us in the top 4% of schools nationally for this measure. Overall, our average point score (the attainment measure) was 31.8, which is statistically significantly higher than national levels and higher than last year. Boys did slightly better than girls overall in attainment this year (last year girls did better), and also boys did slightly better than girls in the value added measure. Both boys and girls were still well above their national counterparts in both measures.

 Groups vulnerable to underachievement (children with SEN and those on Free School Meals who are now called “Disadvantaged”) made much better progress than their national counterparts. The “Disadvantaged” group had much higher attainment than children nationally and SEN had much higher attainment than other SEN children nationally.

All children reached a Level 4 or better in all of reading, writing and maths this year. All children made at least 2 levels progress in all subjects this year. Statistically significantly more children at this school reached Level 5 or Level 6 in their SATS this year.  73% of children reached Level 5 or Level 6 in maths, 77% in reading and 68% in writing.  

In addition, our results in the KS1 SATS are significantly higher than national levels overall.  In the Year 1 phonics screener, we had 100% pass rate whilst nationally the pass rate was 74%. (This puts us in the top 2% for this measure.)

The area identified for improvement (though still better than national levels) was reading.   Resources are being channelled into developing this area still further. Our results in reading improved significantly on last year but continue to be the focus for improvement.

Whilst we are delighted with these outstanding results, we are always just as pleased with all other aspects of education in our school – our children leave this school as people of compassion, integrity and generosity. They are aspirational, happy and courageous and these values will support them on their journey to live fulfilled, happy and worthwhile lives.

My thanks go to all of you, our supportive families, our governors and most of all to our children and their teachers and support staff, who all work so hard to reach these outstanding levels.

TD day on 28th November – no children in school this day!

Book Sale We are clearing our library in preparation for a refurbishment project. There are a number of books which are now surplus to requirements and we would like to offer you the chance to buy these at 20p per book on Wednesday 26th November.  Do come to the Art Centre to have a browse after school.

Cathedral Trip Silbury class children had a lovely trip to the Cathedral on Thursday, learning more about the Christian traditions of Advent and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Salisbury Cathedral. As ever, they behaved beautifully and we received many compliments about our children and our school.

iPads  An app for iPhones or iPads that you might like to try at home is “Times Tables Quiz” – the icon is 7×6 in white chalk on a blackboard.

Bed time story in school Stonehenge children will be having a cocoa and story evening on Thursday 27th November from 5.30pm – 6.30pm. Come in your pyjamas and have fun!

Swimming Unfortunately we are unable to commence swimming lessons until January as Dauntsey’s School are having problems with the induction of lifeguards and so the pool is not ready for use. Sarum will start swimming on Thursday 8th January and will have 8 sessions. We would like to remind parents that swimming lessons are a compulsory part of the primary school curriculum and unless there is a medical reason, every child in KS2 must have swimming lessons at some point in the year and must be able to swim 25m by the time they leave Year 6. We are usually very well ahead of this target, with most children able to swim several hundred metres by the time they leave our school.

PFA News

The PFA are gearing up for the lovely Christmas season helping to make memories for our children. Your help at this time is always appreciated. The Christmas fair is only a couple of weeks away, there is still time to have a stall at this event please let Gemma Ackerman or any other member of the PFA know if you are interested.

**Donations Needed for the Christmas Fair: Cuddly toys, bric a brac, unwanted presents & bottles for the tombola (ketchup or wine it doesn’t really matter!) to be left in reception.**

Best Wishes

Mercedes Henning

Children from Silbury class at Salisbury Cathedral

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