Newsletter 1 – 4th September 2020

Dear Parents

Thank you! It is wonderful to have our school full of happy, laughing, chatty children again. Thank you to all parents who prepared their children so well for their return to school after the extraordinary events of the Covid lockdown. Every child came into school positively, and we are very impressed with the way they have settled in school and have been able to pick up the routines of school life. Behaviour continues to be excellent, as it always is in this school, and children are joyful, kind, hardworking and courageous, as they always are. Thank you also for the great work at Drop Off and Pick Up times – it is seamless!

We will spend plenty of time helping children to find their way through learning, reflecting and socialising in the school context again, and will be assessing their stage of learning in the coming weeks. Any child who needs extra support to regain their trajectory of learning will, of course, be given that support. It will take some weeks for us to complete the assessments and to discover the “gaps” in their learning, and we will feed back to parents on or around Wednesday 18th November in a brief written format to let you know how your child is achieving in the core areas of the curriculum and what, if any, extra intervention will be necessary for them.

New families Thank you to all who have reached out in friendship to our new families – it can be daunting both as a child and as an adult to enter a new school community and it is important that we make sure all our new families feel welcome in this lovely community.  

Parent Governor Elections We have two excellent candidates who have agreed to stand for election to the position of Parent Governor on our Board of Governors. One of them will be elected to the position by parents and carers through a secret ballot. Each parent or person with parental responsibility for a child in our school has a vote and the completed ballot papers must reach us by 3.15pm on TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2020 for counting. We shall announce the outcome the following day by email. Your child will bring the documents home with them today, including the covering letter from our Clerk to Governors, statements from the candidates, instructions on how to complete the ballot, and the ballot papers themselves with an unmarked envelope for returning the ballot papers.

Keeping in touch Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment for a telephone conversation with your child’s teacher if you have any concerns. Whilst we cannot have parents on site at present, we do want to make sure channels of communication remain open. You can email us on, or phone us on 01380 813796.

Sharing Assembly We are not allowed to have parents on site for our popular Friday afternoon Sharing Assemblies at present, and, indeed, the children cannot all gather together either. However, we hope to share some examples of children’s work on Moodle each week, so do go onto Moodle, to the “Whole School” tab, and see the work that has been uploaded. . Children will share some of their work with the rest of the school each week through TEAMS, and we will move through the classrooms electronically so that children can show us what they have been doing.

Falconry Exhibition We would usually take our children on their first field trip of the year in September, but at present this is very complex with Covid restrictions. So we shall have a visitor to our school who will show the children his birds of prey and they can enjoy a Falconry exhibition in their Bubbles. We were very fortunate to have a generous donation towards our work on recovering from the Covid Lockdown from one of our parents and this will enable us to fund the experience entirely.

Thanks We thank all our families for ensuring that children are coming to school with the minimum of baggage from home, so that we can continue to keep everyone safe in school. You might start to receive reading books from school, and as they are returned, we will quarantine them for 72 hours before returning them to circulation. Your child’s teacher will explain the routine for their classroom – please look out for the messages and follow the instructions.  

When do I stay at home? If your child shows signs of Covid (a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or a change in their sense of taste or smell), please keep them at home and take them for a test. Tests can be booked on the NHS testing and tracing for coronavirus website or by telephone, NHS 119. Members of your household will also have to isolate at this stage. Please let us know about this. If the test is positive, we will contact Wiltshire Health Protection Team, and it is likely that they will advise us to close the Bubble of that child for 14 days. Your child’s name will not, of course, be publicised. If the test is negative your child, and all members of the household, can return to school and work.

Moodle We shall continue to use Moodle for homework, communications and projects, so that we keep it fresh in everyone’s minds just in case we have to swing back into using the platform for full distance learning for some of our children as we did during lockdown. Your child’s teacher will let you know how they are using Moodle this year. My thanks to Patrick Williams, once again, for his work in updating the platform for the current year and helping us manage the system effectively.

Themes/Topics for this term: Stonehenge Class (FS and Y1) – Houses and Homes; White Horse class (Y1 and Y2) – World War 1 with special reference to animals; Sarum class (Y3 and Y4) – Ancient Egypt; Avebury class (Y4 and Y5) – The Shang Dynasty; Silbury class (Y5 and Y6) – Comparison between Neolithic times in Britain and the Shang Dynasty.

Secret codes! Sometimes we use vocabulary or acronyms that you may not be familiar with – please alert us if we do this so that we can make sure we are clear in our communications. We will often use the term KS1 or KS2. These stand for Key Stage 1  (which is Year 1 and Year 2, and we include the Foundation Stage children in this group as well), and Key Stage 2 (which includes Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6). 

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events will be available on the website at www. in the coming week)
Tuesday 22nd September Falconry exhibition for all children, in Bubbles School day
Friday 25th September Harvest celebration In classes, with some art work exhibited for parents outside the school.
Wednesday 21st October Last day of term  
Monday 2nd November Children back to school  
Wednesday 18th November Feedback to parents  on children’s current progress and attainment – written format  

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

PFA News

Welcome back everyone and a very big welcome and ‘hello’ to our new families at Holy Trinity.

As many of you will be aware, all PFA activity has been suspended since March but we are hopeful that will be getting organised again shortly and looking for ways to raise funds and support our community and school in new and different ways. We will keep everyone informed about how we plan to do this.

Any parent or friend of the school is very welcome and encouraged to get involved with PFA activities- whether that is by being involved with meetings and helping to lead events, or by helping out in other ways. We would love more people to become involved this year, so please do let us know if and when you can help. 

We hope everyone has had a great first week and look forward to meeting our new families before too long. 

Many thanks.

To contact the PFA email: or join our Facebook page: “Holy Trinity (Great Chevrell) PFA”

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