White Horse

In our class we have all the Year 2 children and some of the Year 1 children. Our teacher is Mrs Twentyman and our teaching assistant is Mrs Cook. They make our learning fun and exciting and we enjoy school.

Our theme for the term is Growing Things and we have enjoyed finding out about germination, drawing diagrams of our germinating bean seeds, and planting out lots of different fruits and vegetables for harvesting later in the year.

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Salisbury Fire station last term and watched some of our model Tudor houses being set fire and extinguished by the fire fighters! It showed us what it might have been like in the great fire of London.



Our trip to Longleat. 





We are very good at making friends in this class and welcome new people very kindly. We are proud of behaving very well and caring for each other. We enjoy our French and sports lessons as well.