White Horse

In our class we have all the Year 2 children and some of the Year 1 children. Our teacher is Mrs Twentyman and our teaching assistant is Mrs Cook. They make our learning fun and exciting and we enjoy school.

Our theme for learning this term is “Minibeasts and Forests” and we are having fun making up life cycles for various insects and other minibeasts. We have tadpoles in the classroom and we are going to be taking part in Forest School activities through the summer term. We are lucky to have a beautiful little woodland on our school field – it is a lovely habitat that we can explore. We are doing lots of reading, writing, maths and science through this topic.

Last term, our learning was inspired by the topic on Lions. We all had a great trip to Longleat to see the Lions and to see examples of lions in art in the big house. We did lots of writing on the topic, including instruction texts, stories and information texts.











Parents sharing a day with us as we completed our topic on Native Americans in summer. 

We are very good at making friends in this class and welcome new people very kindly. We are proud of behaving very well and caring for each other. We enjoy our French and sports lessons as well.