We are the youngest children in the school — all the Reception children and some of the Year 1 children. Our teacher is Miss Nisbeck. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Kamei and Mrs Trusler. They all make sure we enjoy our learning and having a great time at school.

We have wonderful resources so that we can choose what we would like to use to help us learn. We love to build things in our playground, working together and solving problems, we love to play in the role play area and practice the things we are learning.

Our theme for learning this term is “Fairy Tales and Forests” and we are having great fun acting out and writing fairy tales, and learning lots about what goes on in a forest. We shall have Forest School activities as well as other activities in our local woodland.

Our theme last term centred around Lions and we had a wonderful trip to Longleat to see the lions there and to explore other animals in the safari park. Having learnt lots about lions,  we then learnt more about all sorts of other wild animals, writing about them, doing art on them and finding out about how and where they live.









Reading, writing  and maths

We learn our phonics five days a week and get to choose books to take home to read with our parents. We have reading groups where we answer questions on the books we are reading. Every day we do some writing as well – usually on our topic. We enjoy writing in our books and also on the board or the ground or sand tray outside, writing on clip boards, writing in our role play area and having fun with letters and words. We have a maths lesson every day as well and we enjoy using our knowledge in our games and child initiated learning.

Other activities

We enjoy singing every day in our school. We love the play equipment outdoors and are very glad that our school has such lovely grounds. We have special sports coaches who come in each week to help us with our PE. Our French teacher makes French fun with songs and rhymes. We have lots of visitors and trips which make our learning interesting.