In our class we have all the Year 3 children and some of the Year 4 children. Our teachers share the teaching, so Mrs Goddard teaches us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and then Mrs Jones comes in on Thursdays and Fridays. It is great to have two teachers who have different ways of doing things so it is always exciting in this class. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Trusler and Mrs Heyward.

Our classroom is probably the best in the school because we have our sliding doors looking out over the most wonderful view of our huge school fields and then onto Salisbury Plain. Sarum is the old word for Salisbury.

Our theme for learning this term is “What’s your Sport?” and we are doing a lot of PE, science and writing through this great summer topic. We have written to a lot of famous sport heroes and hope that some of them will come and visit us in our school. We shall also be putting on a summer play, with the Year 4 children in the other classroom. We love performing!

Our theme last term was centred around the topic of Lions, and we had a great trip to Longleat to see real lions as well as lions in art and represented in or on furniture. Our literacy was largely centred on poetry, information texts and persuasive writing on the theme – our letters to the Headteacher asking her to agree to have a small lion enclosure on our field were unsuccessful! We did some great art on the topic of Lions and our research into teeth showed us that there are different kinds of teeth in different animals, depending on what they eat.



Photos of our recent residential trip – lots of fun to spend a night away from home!










Photo of our trip to @Bristol