Most recent results of statutory assessments

Outstanding SATS Results 2016

Once again, we were delighted to get a letter from the government, this year from the Regional Schools Commissioner, congratulating us on being one of the South West region’s highest performing schools! We are delighted with this – it is another great tribute to the immense efforts of our outstanding staff, hardworking children, committed governors and engaged families.


The results from 2016:

Results of 2016 KS2 SATS




These results come from the government’s statistical report on the academic achievement of our school compared with all others in the country. Our results show that our children achieve extremely well and our outcomes ensure that we are one of the highest achieving schools in the region.

Although we are delighted with these results, we are just as proud of all the other things that make our school great – the achievement of our children in all aspects of our broad and balanced curriculum, their exceptional behaviour, the way they are growing into people of compassion and courage, showing responsibility, joy and aspiration, and the way they walk their own spiritual journey, forming their own philosophy with wisdom and understanding. These facets of their education are just as important as outstanding academic achievement.





KS2 SATS results 2015:

Subject % at L3Below the expected level for age 11) % at L4+(L4 Expected level for age 11) % at L5+(Above the level expected for age 11) % at L6+(Well above the level expected for age 11) 2 Levels progress or better from KS1
Reading 0 100 79 0 100
Writing 0 100 63 21 100
GPS 0 100 84 16 N/A
Maths 0 100 89 37 100
In all of Reading, Maths and Writing 0 100 58 0 100


KS1 SATS results 2015:

Subject % below L1 % at L1  (Below the level expected for age 7) % at L2+(L2 Expected level for age 7) % at L3+   (Above the level expected for age 7)
Reading 0 0 100 47
Writing 0 0 100 37
Maths 0 0 100 42