Creative Curriculum

At Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy, we believe that a creative and engaging curriculum is at the heart of good learning for our children. Happy learners are good learners! So we work very hard to make sure that children are happy with the learning themes and enjoy their learning.

We use a skills based approach to ensure that children are helped to become great, lifelong learners, as well as covering the detail of a knowledge based curriculum. As a result, our children enjoy their learning and do extremely well. We regularly receive letters from the government congratulating us on being in the top few percent of the country’s schools in academic subjects.


Parents (and other members of the community) are always welcome to come and see our curriculum in action and are regularly invited to come in to learn more about their children’s work and the curriculum – both through our weekly “Sharing Assembly” on Friday afternoons at 2.15pm, and at other points in the year through formal invitation by individual classes. We encourage parents to come into school at any time to look at their child’s work and to enjoy the displays around the school.


Children used Pointillism to help them recreate Seurat’s painting of the Bathers







Our skills programme allows us to ensure that we see progression in skills as well as knowledge through the school. We have a very flexible approach to topics and themes, and are ready to change these if something more interesting comes along, or the children show a special interest in something. The literacy and maths programmes of study are taken directly from the government’s literacy and maths strategies.



Children are encouraged to be active and to challenge themselves




Children have a broad and balanced curriculum at Holy Trinity, to ensure that they have learnt a lot about as many aspects of life as possible.





Behaviour is our school is excellent and children support each other and look after each other.


Even the youngest children take responsibility for their own learning and achievement – and have fun at school!

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The youngest children learning phonics.



Our popular SWITCH-ON programme (Sticking at it, Working as a member of a team, Independence, Thinking hard, Citizenship, Honesty and being On Target) promotes good learning skills through a whole school reward system.

Our SEND policy and information can be viewed on the Policies tab in the tab on Information for Parents or by clicking on the link below. 

HTPA SEND Policy Information

This can be read in conjunction with the Equalities Act 2010 – at the following link:

Our New Curriculum (2013-14), developed with governors, using best practice from both the old curriculum and the new, and also including key skills levelled by year group, is outlined below. Please click into each link to find out more about that subject.  

  • Literacy

We use the “Letters and Sounds” programme to teach synthetic phonics.

National Curriculum for English Key Stages 1

National Curriculum for English Key Stages 2

At Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy, we use the Government’s recommended Phonics programme, Letters and Sounds.

  • Maths

National curriculum Y1

National curriculum Y2

National curriculum Y3

National curriculum Y4

National curriculum Y5

National curriculum Y6

Examples of our creative curriculum

Lots of trips, visitors and other engaging learning experiences are arranged for our children so that they can put their learning into context and gain the enrichment that makes learning exciting. Children are involved in helping to choose their own way through the topics, and show enthusiasm for their learning as it is meaningful to them. They are able to discuss their targets and challenge themselves to reach their highest targets.











A trip to Mediaeval Salisbury and a visit by a knight to enhance the learning of our History topic.

Because the Christian ethos is very strong and very valued in our school, the church’s liturgical year is always marked by celebrations such as the Christmas nativity plays, the Christmas party, Pancake races and the Easter fair.


Pancake racesS6300352S6301136

Pancake races to mark the start of Lent, and the little altar that children have set up as a focus for class worship.



The links with the school in India are fostered, with a visit from their director last year.

Our outstanding academic outcomes are the result of exciting learning opportunities, great teaching and learning, and committed staff and children. We are also very proud of the development of our children in all other areas as well – they are people of integrity, high aspiration, generosity and love, all of which will serve them well as they grow up.