dsc04543In our class we have some Year 4 children and some Year 5 children. Our class teacher is  Mr Gyllenspetz. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Heath and Mrs Andrew. As we are amongst the older children, we are expected to set a great example to the rest of the school and to start to pick up responsibilities around the school.

Our theme for this term is “The Enduring Journey of Water”. We shall study all aspects of the water cycle in science, poetry around images of water in literacy and volume in maths and use this theme as a vehicle for many other areas of learning.

Our theme for learning last term was The Ancient Romans. As well as making Roman shields, finding out about the changes in the map of Europe from those days to the present and learning about the lives of Ancient Romans, we did maths and art work on this theme. Some great poetry came out of our studies of battles of the ancient Romans.

DSC02270  DSC02300 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImages from our Iron Woman art project










Science experiment on separating substances.








Leap of Faith – at our residential trip





We are very proud to be Recycling Heroes in our school – we empty the paper recycling bins in the school every day. Using data handling, we were able to show that the amount of rubbish we sent to landfill was much less once we started doing this.