In our class we have some Year 4 children and some Year 5 children. Our class teacher is  Mr Gyllenspetz. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Heath and Mrs Andrew. As we are amongst the older children, we are expected to set a great example to the rest of the school and to start to pick up responsibilities around the school.








This term we are learning through the themes of “The Iron Man” and the water cycle. We have done a lot of mapwork to find out about rivers, mountains, lakes and oceans.

Our theme for last term was the history of flight. We  had a visit to the Concorde museum at British Aerospace to support our learning. We also made bottle rockets to study the aerodynamics of engineering a flying machine, done plenty of writing, maths, science and history through this theme.








Science experiment on separating substances.



Leap of Faith – at our residential trip




We are very proud to be Recycling Heroes in our school – we empty the paper recycling bins in the school every day. Using data handling, we were able to show that the amount of rubbish we sent to landfill was much less once we started doing this.